Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inside the Muslim Mindset: What is Forbidden - Versus Western Laws & Norms

Muslim sentiment ~ is Islamic law.

To Muslims in Islam - the world and everybody in it is divided into two categories - those who do what is forbidden and those who don't.

Western society is based on choice.

You can choose to do what is forbidden in Islam.

Don't be confused - Islamic laws are not based on the simple laws that govern Christianity - Love thy neighbor - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - which if practiced provides for harmony between people - all people.

Conversely a Muslim can break with Islamic laws - if one is good to their neighbor - who is doing what is forbidden in Islam.

This is where we ask - why are they attacking this person and saying they are not a good Muslim. Isn't Islam like Christianity - all they do is pray differently?

And in Islam there are penalties for breaking with these laws - [there is not only fear of god there is fear of people element] Listen - and you will hear the moderate Muslims - who want to be good and respectful to others - point to a long roundabout list of Koran and other verses to justify their actions - it is almost sounds like a haggling process - to demonstrate that they are not doing what is forbidden - by treating the non-Muslim - say with respect.

Here is where the dangers come - in trying to back Islam - for solutions to the problem of Islam in the modern world - because most of these people base their understanding on Islam on family tradition - but also in play are the demands of normal human interaction - versus when we say a person has become 'radicalized' whenever - they are shown - by the so-called 'hate' preachers - who simply reel off the Koran and Hadiths chapter and verse - what they as Muslims are really supposed to be doing. This could result in a person  joining with the Islamic militancy - but it could also result in a person making brazen attacks on the norms in western society - in an attempt to dismantle all the things which are forbidden in Islam. 

Like mixed swimming - where for example, Muslims in Europe have repeatedly requested that everyone abide by the Islamic laws that forbids this - so that in the end - piece by innocuous piece - an Islamic state will emerge - with all the norms and customs of western society forbidden - naturally this is heavily dependent on those in western society who would agree that all things that 'offend' Islam should be gotten rid off - out of 'respect' for it.

 This was at the heart of the issue with Islam in Europe, that has now moved to America.

There are other rules - a true Muslim can befriend others - or those who do what is forbidden - if he engages in Dawa - or the spreading or promotion of the Islamic message. [There was for example one Muslim political editor who focused most of his articles - in a Left-wing political magazine on 'educating' people on Islam *- with an obsessive regularity.] Demonstrating how non-Muslim friendships or associations - could be used gain advantage - to advance Islam [politic].

This rule extends even further - there is a very interesting speech by Mark Durie - who found that according to the highest authority of Islam in Saudi Arabia - a Muslim is only allowed to live in non-Muslims lands - if they engage in the spreading of Islam. This informative lecture can be heard here.  

In addition all Muslim groups who claim not to support 'terrorism' - may not be doing so for the reasons that we think. It may not be militarily expedient to go to war - especially when you can achieve the same ends - for an Islamic state by political means or other social pressure - no doubt anti-racism groups would be seen as extremely helpful in this regard.

*The 'education' of non-Muslims lends itself to the Islamic concept of 'Ignorance'. Before Islam there was the 'Age of Ignorance' and since then everything outside of it is considered 'ignorant' - including people. Because there are so many aspects of Muslim behavior that comes out of this concept - that there need be another dedicated post or essay for it. 

The learning or teaching of Islam - is allowed or encouraged - because we think we are doing away with 'racism' - but this is in line with the Islamic belief that - all that is not within Islam is inferior or 'ignorant'. [The 'education' would be seen as helping non-Muslims in this regard.] Conversely there is the belief that - with Islam and all who are in it - are superior. 

Where in the west - this might be expressed as a healthy disregard for all that is not Muslim or of Islam. 

But in the Muslim world this sentiment - is the law - and the dhimmi laws - or laws for example - which do not allow a non-Muslim president - or place limits on the civil rights of Christians and others - is where this 'healthy disregard' for others - that would be behind the Muslims' firm reluctance to integrate - here in the west - becomes a part of the body of law or constitution in Islamic countries.

Which means that the most trusted of 'moderate' Muslim voices - would say - I do what I do - because I want to do it. Or rather - I don't want to do that.

And I am afraid - I think this is the only way out.

The honesty of independent thought that would be seen as blasphemous in the Islamic world - forms the cornerstone of western society. 


Salman Qureshi said...

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