Friday, June 3, 2011

Islamic group's Jesus ad offends Christians

Jesus ad, which is soon to appear on public buses in Sydney,
Australia, has drawn fire from a Catholic bishop

Muhammad likely would have did everything

 in his power not to kill Jesus!!

Not a match made in heaven
 ~ but perhaps Jesus could forgive Muhammad.

Here is a good sign:

Jesus forgives Muhammad!!
Muhammad repents of his sins!
So amazing Jesus was against stoning women and Muhammad was for it!!

Islam originates from the Kaaba ~ which was there for 700 before Islam ~ plenty of time to accept Jesus!! But they did not. It was a place where any number of Gods could be worshiped and it was only through Muhammad's sword that they were forced to get rid of them. It was probably on the whole a nice place to go ~ on making the pre-Islamic Hajj to Mecca you could bring any God.

The Goddess or Daughters of Allah were worshipped in Syria, and across the region and even in Greece ~ where Allah's daughter Al-Lat became Leto. And it was 800 years after Muhammad that Arabia finally stamped out the worship of the Goddesses.

It is possible that some of the people who were fighting for the spread of Islam did not fully understand it ~ because what they were supposed to be saying, that within the pantheon or Allah family you should now only worship Allad the Dad. But some people did not quite get this, in India ~ there is a mosque which is dedicated ~ I believe to the Goddesses Al-Uzza and possibly the other goddesses ~ mentioned in the Koran 53:19 ~ as they believe they were important to the prophet. And they were right. Hence the Salman Rushdie trouble ~ in his satire the Satanic Verses ~ he suggested that perhaps Muhammad ~ or the Angel Gabriel was correct the first time. To curry favor Muhammad, after saying don't worship the Goddesses of his father ~ he said worship them. And then some months or a year later ~ its don't worship them again. But period was long enough for the news to have traveled to Ethiopia ~ where some Kaaba worshipers rejoiced at Muhammad's change of heart ~ in allowed the Goddesses to be worshiped again.

Obviously these things go to the heart of Islam ~ and the story as they want it to be told ~ that is why you had the Iranian fatwa against Salman Rushdie where every Muslim in the world was required to kill him for so-called offending Islam.

Freedom two way street

That is why we need freedom of speech ~ because Muslims can say offensive things. If you look at Jesus's life and compare it to Muhammad's there is no way he could have been following Jesus. In this sense ~ linking the two up ~ becomes offensive to many. It is clear that many Muslims can't even fathom some of Muhammad's antics. But a lot of them are afraid to question it. And that fear is real. At the same time ~ Muslims should also accept that people are going to say things which they find offensive. A part of their objection ~ is an expression of that fear ~ in the past when Islam entered a place it was usually through violence ~ and any challenges to it were dealt with violently ~ with the majority of western Muslims being immigrants ~ when someone challenges Islam ~ they are expecting some sort of violent response ~ because they have been so conditioned. And because they make so much noise, the temptation is to somehow alter freedoms to accommodate this ~ and that would be wrong ~ because you would quickly end up with an Islamic state ~ they can say Jesus was a Prophet of Islam ~ but all of the challenges to Islam would be deeded too offensive. That is the typical Islamic state ~ only Muslim sensitiveness are legally obliged.

( – “Jesus: A prophet of Islam” states the provocative tagline in a “public awareness” advertising campaign launched by a Muslim group in Australia’s largest city.

The group, calling itself Mypeace, says its aim is to inform, not offend – but offend it has, with one Catholic bishop calling the assertion about Jesus “a direct assault on Christian beliefs.”

Roadside billboards in the metropolitan Sydney area carry one of four simple slogans: “Jesus: A Prophet of Islam,” “Holy Qur’an: The Final Testament,” “Muhammad: Mercy to Mankind” and “Islam: Got Questions? Get Answers.”

Each banner invites people to get in touch by phone or online, for literature and a free copy of the Qur’an. Mypeace says the ads will stay up for four weeks, and later this year will be run on scores of public buses in the city.

One of the billboards featuring the Jesus slogan was vandalized a day after it was erected.

Mypeace says its aim is to “address the many misconceptions on Islam, to educate fellow Australians on Islam, invite them to ask any questions that they may have.”

Islamic awareness campaigns are not new, but the slogan referring to Jesus is causing a stir. Muslims and interfaith advocates sometimes invoke Jesus to assert some sort of commonality with Christians, implying that Muslims, too, “believe in Jesus.”

Two of the ads placed by an Australian Muslim group on billboards in Sydney. (Image: Mypeace)
But Muslims, and the Qur’an, deny the central Christian beliefs regarding Jesus – his divinity, crucifixion and resurrection.

Elsewhere on its Web site, Mypeace states that “the Qur’an … repeatedly reminds that Jesus was a human prophet sent by God, not part of God Himself.”

“In Australia with its Christian heritage a billboard carrying the statement ‘Jesus A prophet of Islam’ is provocative and offensive to Christians,” Julian Porteous, auxiliary bishop at the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, responded in an article.

“Central to Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ is more than a prophet,” he said. “He is the Son of God. He is acclaimed Lord and Savior of humanity. This statement is a direct assault on Christian beliefs.”

Porteous said religions should not “set out to antagonize those with differing beliefs.”

“Dialogue between the religions can only take place when it is founded in mutual respect. It is not fostered by provocative statements.”

Porteous urged Mypeace to withdraw the ads.

Islamic doctrine holds that the 7th century Arabian Mohammed was the last in a long line of prophets of Islam stretching back to Adam, and including Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jonah, John the Baptist – and Jesus. (The “Got Questions?” ad in Sydney also describes Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed as “prophets of Islam”.)


Proud Muslim said...

Well history talk for its self, Mohammed (pbuh) did not kill your god!! it was the Jews, if you can't accept it, shov it up your background :D

Lexie said...

Both Jews and non-Jews had a role in Jesus' crucifixion, if you read the historical account in the Gospels. But trying to blame it on one group or another ignores the main point! Jesus suffered the death penalty due every traitorous human being who rejects God's rightful rule over his life in favor of being his own boss or King. Traitorous rebels are not welcome within the territory of a Sovereign. They are executed or exiled. Jesus' death--"the just for the unjust"--was the only substitute for our rightful punishment. HE ROSE AGAIN! He ascended to God's Kingdom and will return to take us with Him, making our restoration complete. He did this for everyone, and each of us may accept this to our salvation or reject it to our perdition.

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