Friday, June 3, 2011

Anatomy of Thought Crime - Robert Spencer's tough ride at Ohio University - Video

It appears that while your average student was scared off ~ the people who did attend ~ seem to be Muslim or having some direct connection to Islam.

Its embarrassing because if Islam was a religion that promoted humility ~ it would not be having these problems.

Its crazy, because on one side you have human nature ~ where there are no differences ~ Muslims have these rules from Islam ~ really directing their behavior against their better nature ~ if followed to the letter. So that long term Muslims and today's new ~ especially politically correct converts ~ [the new converts that run with al Qaeda and the like, got the whole message] ~ but for the others they are stuck explaining the more radical and troubling parts of the Islamic doctrine. They are literally trying to iron out its lumps, at least publicly, that just won't go away.

Understanding Muslims

On one side ~ there has to be some understanding for Muslims ~ because in most of the countries they come from ~ they can't legally leave the religion ~ your father was Muslim and you will be Muslim and your children and your grandchildren will be Muslim ~ or else!! That's conditioning ~ they are conditioned to fear ~ the consequences ~ of having a single thought that in anyway questions of challenges the religion. And its contagious ~ because now they want us to feel that same fear!! What in the western world ~ especially to do with religion ~ we can't question ~ say Islam!!

We have got to question all over it!!

The Muslim guy in this video who picks up the mic ~ who says that there is no jizya or tax on non-Muslims in Islam ~ as Robert Spencer rightly points to Koran 9:29, the jizya's collection was only stopped in the Islamic world on western colonization. And it is still collected now in the tribal regions of Pakistan. Hindus and Sikhs are now forced to pay it ~ many flee to safer parts or to India. They also have to wear a red patch on their clothes ~ in some parts to show that they are non-Muslim.

Imam Rauf
Obviously, like most Muslims, asked to speak on Islam ~ will try to protect the religion ~ where truth is a casualty.

700 Jews

700 Jews were attacked in Mecca ~ and the Muslims took the women as wives and slaves ~ Muhammad took one for himself but she refused to marry him.

This protection he is talking about ~ is similar in terms of the Mafia ~ everything is going okay ~ they attack you, then you find you need protection ~ hence the jizya ~ which is literally a protection tax. Which is why Turkey was recently thinking about reintroducing it ~ as a way to protect Christians living there from attack. As was done during the Ottoman Empire years ~ sadly when the Christians asked for equal rights ~ it was deemed offensive ~ where Muslim and non-Muslims cannot be equal [under Shari'a] ~ and the rest is history. There are no Christians.

Muhammad's problem with the Jews was not personal ~ he was attacking everyone. He was saying my new Kaaba religion [versus the old] contains your Judaism plus Christianity all rolled into one!  And the brushed him off. They already had a god ~ and Muhammad wanted them to worship his Kaaba god stripped of all the other Kaaba gods. They did not buy it and he killed them ~ and he obviously never got over it ~ as the Koran is laced with anti-Jew text. At one stage to bring in the Jews he had his followers pray towards Jerusalem ~ when he made no headway it was back to facing Mecca.

Deceiving you 

This is the problem ~ that is why Robert Spencer and others are making this effort ~ because Islamic values and the values established in the west are not the same ~ if anyone tells that they are ~ then they are deceiving you ~ and attempting to turn us into places like Egypt or Pakistan ~ where if you are a Muslims you have limited rights and as a non-Muslim you have significantly less. [They face not only religious and political restrictions, but who they can marry]

This is based on the dhimmi laws ~ where the Jews of Mecca took protection from attack ~ a part of the deal was that they also had to be subjugated. The dhimmi status was only for the Jews and the Christians at first ~ that meant if you worshipped any of the pre-Islamic Kaaba gods, or other local deities ~ if you did not convert to Islam ~ there was no dhimmi protection for you ~ you were slaughtered, raped [Muhammad ordered his men to rape non-Muslim women in front of theirs husbands ~ when he saw some of his men were reluctant]. It was literally convert or die!!

9/11 Mosque and the Rabat

One the site of conquest or attack or seizure ~ Muhammad ordered a Rabat to be built ~ which was impart a community center, a garrison to carry or further attacks and a mosque to propagate the Islamic message in the newly acquired area.


lee said...

Love how has a bold disclaimer about Islam is really a monotheistic religion, blah, blah, and yet Judaism and Zoroastrianism don't rate a similar disclaimer.... Hmmmmmm.

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