Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Story of Copts in Egypt and the arrival of Islam - Video

The man whose daughter was forcibly converted to Islam ~ would have been kidnapped ~ and as this man reports the police were complicit in her conversion ~ [the fastest growing religion must keep up its pace!!]. He said, he was asked to sign a form asking him not to interfere ~ with his own 16 year old daughter!! And there have been others reports of Christian family members being arrested for rescuing their abducted children.

In Pakistan ~ families of abducted children ~ both Hindu and Christian are asked not to make the issue public. In one case last year [or so] a Hindu girl was abducted, and taken to a madrassa. The police told her mother they could not intervene as it was a case of 'religious conversion' and through some persistence, her family were finally told that ~ the girl is now 'the property of the mosque' !!

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