Friday, May 13, 2011

Raymond Ibrahim: The terrible truth ~ Islam calls for violence against others - Video

Raymond Ibrahim says he is surprised people called him a 'racist' for stating ~ what is written in the Koran. Its clear, that the argument 'for' Islam is so weak ~ because it is not what people want to hear ~ the next thing to do is to attack the messenger, look to simplify the message and stifle the debate.

And it is pretty effective ~ although it is losing steam ~ because the supporters of Islam have no counter-argument.

Then the argument ~ literally becomes religious ~ not because they want to become Muslim ~ although some do ~ as regardless of what the Koran and hidiths say in black and white ~ right there in front of you ~ they expect you to believe as if it were your religion ~ that these things are not true.

The racists argument is like a loaded gun ~ who wants to be called a 'racist'. And there is the weaker Islamophobe which no one quite knows what it means ~ but in any case, Pakistan, which doesn't offer equal rights to their non-Muslims citizens, is its biggest promoter.

But the people 'for' Islam have become extremists ~ themselves. Without evidence they spend all their energy promoting a religion which they don't understand and refuse to look into in any depth.

[It is like they are saying ~ I'm afraid, please tell me a story!]

Then they become almost Islamic in their thinking ~ in that they identify the person with Islam ~ in that the human being and Islam are one. Unwittingly tapping into the Islamic supremacist thinking ~ that Islam makes them different and apart and in every way superior.

But watch how Muslim groups take advantage of this ~ they hook their utopian hopes on to the supporter of Islam ~ and as has happened across Europe and now in the US ~ the non-Muslim support of 'Islam' start promoting the implementation of Shari'a.

Theocracy in the free state!!

Where just a few years ago these same people, would have openly acknowledged Muslim women don't have  rights. But today these same people would promote laws that deny them equality ~ and more troublingly, in their blind ideological quest ~ against the 'racists' ~ they fight to bring in Shari'a laws that would deny everybody their measure of rights, freedoms and equality under the law.

The fanatical supporters of Islam, that call everyone racists ~ who state what is really in the Koran and point to the fact that radicals Muslims are using those verses ~ to justify violent attacks for the promotion of an Islamic state ~ are dangerous as well.

Shari'a law clearly states that Muslims have supremacy over non-Muslims ~ we can't let the few ideologues take the freedom out of the free world.

Muslims are human like everybody else ~ they should learn to get in line. Muhammad don't rule here!!

Change the language

For these non-Muslim supporters of Islam ~ we have to change the language turn it around ~ and tell them that they are radical, what they are doing is vicious and that their position and language are bordering on extremism. They should be asked to provide evidence for what they say. Ask them should an anti-racist platform be used to promote a religion ~ and more to install religious theocratic law?

We need to stop being passive!

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