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Malaysia: Christians accused of challenging Muslim 'supremacy' - promised 'jihad'

“If they want a crusade, so be it. Before our followers fall in this battle, (Perkasa) leaders will first lay down their lives and die sprawling in blood.”

I had been watching this story ~ apparently an article suggesting Christians wanted to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia and install a Christian as head of state ~ was entirely fabricated by the newspaper ~ Christians said the meeting between themselves and the countries leaders [or reps] was about something entirely different ~ although the Prime Minister has tried to clear up the matter and said, in a round about way that Islam will remain the official religion of the Malaysian state ~ but for those looking to wage some epic battle ~ promise that if the Christians 'want a crusade' that they will be prepared to lay down their lives 'sprawled in blood'.

The article is littered with key words to do with Islamic supremacy or Christian dhimmitude.

If they want a crusade, so be it. If they say that the peace that we enjoy is not good enough ... we shall take up the challenge.

Notice 'peace' in the Islamic sense for the non-Muslim is a form of subjugation.

The idea that Christians would want to wage a crusade against them ~ a holy battle ~ in order to say that the conditions arrived at under the dhimmi status are not good enough ~~ here is where the Malaysian parliamentary minister ~ can go back to Koran 9:29 ~ which allows them to fight ~ against even the people of the book ~ to bring them in line with the subjugated status and until they 'feel themselves subdued'.

So if the Christians want equal rights and want to wage a crusade to get it ~ then Muslims have the right to use violence in return to maintain the Islamic supremacist order.

>> Firstly there are no Christians talking about violence in Malaysia ~ their biggest problem is that the Malay authorities are trying to forbid them for saying writing the word Allah ~ which also means god in the malay language ~ in their church services ~ and Bibles. The Malaysian governments says Muslims may become confused!

Wacko Islam

What is so striking is that all around the Islamic mindset ~ there seems to be an atmosphere of violence. It is inconceivable, that there is no foundation in the Christian religion for going out and attacking people ~ unlike Islam.

But isn't it natural ~ if you start thinking about attacking people ~ or ways to attack others ~ then you would also have to think about ~ how they would attack you. Since Muhammad, did and called for his followers to continue to attack to take power ~ they simply can't fathom that other religions are not like this.

Similarly ~ just as you had Muhammad [Quresh] of Mecca ~ you had Davis Quresh of Wacko ~ both preparing for this imminent attack ~ as they were thinking about or where attacking others!!

The terrible irony of Islam! They are waiting for an attack ~ that no one else is interested in ~ but because they cause so much trouble ~ they end up being attacked. A self-fulfilled doomsday prophetic religion ~

I can only wish for its ultimate 'peaceful' return to Mecca.

Turkish similarities?

It must be said that the Christians of Turkey also asked for equal rights ~ And the Turkish PM said no Muslim can commit a genocide, as, likely to him they broke the conditions of the dhimmi status, called peaceful because their lives would be spared by it ~ so that to ask for rights was seen as an attack on Islam ~ and the dhimmi peace arrangement was lifted and they slaughtered them all. And so if you happen to kill them all ~ for the Turkish PM it can't be called genocide!

“If they want a crusade, so be it. Before our followers fall in this battle, (Perkasa) leaders will first lay down their lives and die sprawling in blood.”

(Malaysiakini) - Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said that he is willing to wage a crusade against the Christians if the community allegedly continues to challenge Islam's position in the country.

“If they want a crusade, so be it. If they say that the peace that we enjoy is not good enough ... we shall take up the challenge. Don't take the silence of Muslims as a sign of fear,” he warned to cheers from about 150 people at a ceramah last night.

“Before our followers fall in this battle, (Perkasa) leaders will first lay down their lives and die sprawling in blood,” he thundered.

Speaking at a function organised by the Komuniti 1Malaysia group of Kampung Kerdas and Kampung Changkat in Gombak, Ibrahim accused the Christians of “challenging the sovereignty and dignity of Malays and Muslims.”

He was referring to the allegation that a group of pastors were plotting to make Christianity the official religion of the nation and appoint a Christian prime minister. This was reported last Saturday by Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia.

“This is an affront to the sovereignty of Muslims who are the majority... It started with race, and now it has gone to issues of religion. But when it comes to religion, it means jihad,” he said to hoots from the crowd.

According to the Pasir Mas parliamentarian, minorities are emboldened to challenge Malay and Muslim supremacy because they are encouraged by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is pandering for their votes.

“Many of the Christians in Malaysia are Chinese and many of the Christians (in the world) are American. Anwar is acting as a US mole. It all fits,” he said in his trademark fiery style.

However Ibrahim in contriving to scaptegoat the Chinese community, has his facts wrong, as it is the bumiputera Christians who make up the bulk of the community in Malaysia.

Najib has to play the numbers game

The vocal politician added that minority groups in Malaysia are further encouraged by the support from Islamic party PAS through its spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat and liberal Malays such as Bar Council constitutional law committee chief Shahredzan Johan.

“This is a matter of religion. Doesn't he know how to protect his own religion?” he said, branding the Anwar-Nik Aziz-liberal Malay alliance as an unholy trinity of sorts.

The firebrand independent parliamentarian said that the fact that Malays are split in their political support has forced Prime Minister Najib Razak to pander to the minorities.

“He told me, 'I understand that I have (to protect) the Malays, but I am also a politician ... and BN has lost. If we don't get at least 30 percent Chinese votes, we will lose again... The Malays are split (so) I have to play this game',” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim added that this shows even the PM has lost his bargaining power, and this has led to DAP, and BN partner MCA, to ply pressure on Umno on minority issues.

“We have no other alternative. For good or for bad, Umno is the only party that we have (to protect Malay interests), and we must care for the party,” he said before leading the crowd to chant 'Hidup Melayu!' (Long live Malays!).

The other guests of honour include Umno Gombak chief Abdul Rahman Kamaruddin, his deputy, Abdul Aziz Jantan, and division information chief Ismail Ahman.

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