Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Honor Killing USA - Man accused of killing stepdaughter, 20, for not following Islamic law - Video

You know this is a train wreck ~ she takes her daughter and marries a Muslim guy. And he kills her.

Amina and Sarah SaidWhat a mess to drag your daughter into. [If that is the mother - she'll need black on ~ for the funeral]

The argument for Islam has become so extreme ~ that anything that challenges Islam is deemed hateful ~ essentially making everything about the ideology perfect ~ making people afraid to listen. But there are honor killing red flags all over this ~ the stepfather was overbearing ~ [coupled with often a Muslim origin mother who doesn't have the confidence to stand up for her own child] ~ and after a big dispute about what the child should be doing in accordance with Islam ~ the child then runs away ~ and the father says he wants to make amends, wants to reconcile ~ and you can name the girls who died like this.

Both the sisters on the right were killed by their Egyptian father. For dating! While agreeing to meet with the father to work out things out!! He shot them in the back of his taxi cab, and left them at the airport to die.

A Coon Rapids man has been accused of killing his stepdaughter in Michigan Saturday.

Rahim Alfetlawi, 45, was arraigned in court Monday in Macomb County on a first-degree murder charge. He was being held without bail and is due back in court May 12.

He allegedly shot and killed Jessica Mokdad, 20, at her grandmother’s home in Warren, Mich., a suburban of Detroit, Mich.

A search of Coon Rapids Herald files shows that Mokdad graduated from Coon Rapids High School in 2009.

Alfetlawi allegedly was angry at Mokdad because she had moved to Michigan and was not following Muslim customs.

According to media reports on the Internet, Alfetlawi had left his Coon Rapids home in the predawn hours of Saturday to drive to Grand Blanc, Mich., to confront Mokdad’s father.

But neither Mokdad, who was primarily living in Grand Blanc with her father, nor her dad were there.

Alfetlawi then drove to Warren, where Mokdad had been spending time at her grandmother’s home and allegedly met his stepdaughter there.

The grandmother was not home at the time and when she returned, she found Mokdad lying on a bedroom floor with a gunshot wound to the head, according to police reports.

Alfetlawi, meantime, had gone to the nearby Center Line Public Safety Department and stated he had shot someone.

After questioning Alfetlawi about the location of the shooting, Warren Police officers went to the grandmother’s home where they were met by her and found Mokdad’s body.

Alfetlawi, who reports state had known Mokdad since she was seven years old, allegedly stated that the gun discharged accidentally when he pulled it out.

State court records show that Alfetlawi has two traffic violations against his name in Minnesota.

According to Capt. Brad Wise, Coon Rapids Police department, the last contact that police had with Alfetlawi was in February 2010. At that time, he was living at the Pondale Apartment complex, Wise said.

Those contacts involved low level civil disputes where Alfetlawi worked and with his landlord, he said.

ABC News

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