Monday, May 23, 2011

Chilling warning about the rise of Islam from Copt Bishop to the Germans ~ first it was us 'you're next' - Video

In the US in particular ~ now it is common to hear that Islamic law is 'open to interpretation' [please keep a straight face], what is certain is that people can use their own minds, to determine the way they want to act. We should deal with people directly, and never with the Arab agent Islam.

Islamic law decrees that non-Muslims should be second class citizens ~ never equal ~ to be a good Muslim ~ one must abide by these laws.

It is possible that the Copt Christian mistakenly thought that they could negotiate with Islam ~ by offering up the best of Christianity. [according to Copts a lot of their clergy were attacked and killed on Islam's entrance] ~ possibly like other parts of North Africa they did not stand a chance ~ against Islamic invaders. The best of Christianity now - represented in the remnants of a wiped out people.

But today in Europe, this is another kind of invasion. Because you have large numbers of people, who have little or no interest in integrating, only creating an Islamic state. The rise in numbers is through the practise of marriage, so that eventually Europe may see 1 million newlyweds, with one partner from the Islamic world / each year!! Shari'a police operating openly on the streets in many areas, regulating behavior and dress and even carrying out punishments according to Islamic law, with no one daring to stop them ~ words like 'its racist to tell them to stop' ~ would have long been forgotten ~ replaced with outright fear ~ where the average citizens lives like the moderates and Christian//other non-Muslim in the Islamic world ~ words and deeds said or done without the proper respect to Islam will result in retribution, we will watch in silence as government ministers are gunned down, and non-Muslim places of worship burnt out ~ just like people do today in the Islamic world.

We can never imagine, saying anything but Islam means peace, now!

Of course unlike today, those setting out to negotiate with Muslim 'community' leaders will no longer do so from a position of authority ~ without the higher ground, we will have to take what we can get ~ with respect to Islam's subjugated dhimmi status ~ as found in Koran 9:29.

The only problem with this dream is that we don't have to give our freedoms away in the first place ~ we sidestep Islam and we deal directly with people. Islam and the wild rantings of the Prophet are Muslims to play with ~ it is nothing in it for us ~ but for this to work they must knowingly fool [convince] us into believing there is something in it we need.

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