Saturday, May 14, 2011

Charlie Rose - Henry Kissinger - On the Arab Spring - 4/20/11 - Video

Henry Kissinger warns against the extreme enthusiasm in some of the media ~ for the outcome of the Arab Spring.

There is no foundation for freedom in the Islamic world.

Look at the Islamic ideology ~ there is a rule passed down from on high for everything ~ so you don't use logic ~ its like one of those building sets ~ you take out of the box and snap into place. For everyday life there is little concept of, we the people can ~ because that might violate ~ probably one of the million laws ~ that the Islamic system of law sets out for guidance on people's lives.

The likelihood is good, that they will look to be led ~ by an Islamic system ~ as in Iran ~ these revolutions could ultimately bring them around to the same point where they will want another revolution in a few years.

In Egypt with all the promise of change ~ there is nothing in the way for Christian and other minority rights. And the Muslim Brotherhood ~ has been sending envoys to Iran ~ where they are making noises that are not democratic ~ as in including rights and freedoms ~ with the aim of clearly, getting advice from the Ayatollah lot, on how to seize this revolution for themselves or for extremist or fundamentalist Islam. All of which are terrible for Egypt.

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