Friday, May 6, 2011

Burqa ban sees 27 offences recorded - Muslim women respect ban

Protester from Wild Pakistan
 ~ which has constitutional laws which prevent Christians /Hindus
 from becoming president or joining the military ~
and places restrictions on non-Muslim worship.

FRANCE'S burqa ban has seen 27 offences recorded since it was brought into force.

The law bans people from covering their faces in public spaces, effectively outlawing the burqa and niqab Islamic dresses.

A report from the Interior Ministry says on average one or two women a day have been given verbal cautions since the ban began on April 11.

Minister Claude Guéant said: "A lot of people were worried about this. They said the law was inapplicable.

"In fact, the people stopped have complied and have generally been given a verbal warning," he said.

The most recent fine he said, went to an American at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Having returned from Saudi-Arabia she initially complied with the request to remove the veil, but was fined after putting it back on in the airport.

The maximum fine for breaking the law is €150 and or a course on citizenship.

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