Saturday, May 21, 2011

Briton accused of calling Prophet a terrorist in Dubai

It just happens to be a Pakistani accuser ~ well if it works in Pakistan ~ export it!!

It shows you how dangerous it could get in the Islamic world ~ with Pakistanis ~ you have some dispute ~ they accuse you of blasphemy ~ next you are getting your head cut off!!

This Pakistani was probably incensed that there was someone who didn't have a favorable view of the Taliban.




The things people are being locked up for over there is incredible.

This is Saudi Arabia toned down just a little. One of the most ridiculous cases was when a British woman, over there selling property, was spotted by a UAE/Dubai woman's two year old daughter ~ who said she saw the Brit kissing the man she was sitting next to [with others] at an outdoor or open restaurant with. On that evidence, the woman was sent to prison and then deported. The mother of the child did not actually 'see' anything ~ it was her two year old daughter who saw it.

Another woman from South Africa, who was in Dubai working as a scuba diving instructor ~ was tried and found guilty for being unaccompanied ~ with her own boss!!

And the list goes on!!

Worst of all, if a woman from the free world gets raped over these ~ they'll be locked up and interrogated.

DUBAI // A 40-year-old tourist appeared in court this morning accused of insulting Islam during a conversation about the Taliban, calling the Prophet Mohammed a terrorist.

AG, a Briton, appeared in the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours wearing shorts. He was sent away to change into more suitable clothing before he returned to the court to deny charges of insulting Islam and a Pakistani shop employee.

“I told him he was crazy, but I didn't say any of the other things he claims,” AG, who is staying at a hotel in Abu Hail area, told the court.

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