Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Afghan Christians in India Face Severe Consequences If Repatriated

No compulsion to Islam ~ wonder why so may are confused?

It is clear we are being told there is no compulsion to Islam for western purposes. And it is something that must Muslims in the west, who are immigrants, know very well.

In truth there can be no compulsion to Islam, Muhammad with his meagre 100 strong following got it right the first time ~ that before he saw the power to convert in his sword. But if you have left Islam, and no longer respect its tenets, what Muhammad said or didn't say is irrelevant. Except ~ enter the sword ~ in Afghanistan and several over countries, Iran and Saudi Arabia you could be sentenced to death for leaving. Although today in most other Islamic nations, converts from Islam are sentenced to prison time, torture and repeated arrest. The Maldives creative solution is to withdraw citizenship of all who leave Islam, however the Christian press is reporting communist style secret arrest and disappearance of those found out to have left Islam. In South East Asia, several prison camps have been set up to re-educate those who leave Islam in an attempt to force them back. Periods of stay seem to range for about six months.

In Afghanistan recently there was a Afghan Christian whisked out of there by the American army, once media reports died down. He had been held in jail, pending the death sentence.

The sad reality of Islam ~ resulting directly from the Prophet's own brutal actions ~ which Muslims are compelled to view as perfection.

Seven Afghan Christians and their families who fled their homeland to India and requested refugee status from the United Nations have had their petitions denied. They now face deportation back to Afghanistan, where they risk arrest and possible execution for apostasy. “Among the applicants was Aman, a husband and father of four, who has since received a letter authorizing his deportation from the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs,” said a spokesperson for International Christian Concern. “Aman and his wife converted to Christianity from Islam eleven years ago" and he studied at a Bible college in Pakistan before returning to his home country to work with an aid organization. He fled after an Afghan TV network broadcast footage of Afghan Christians being baptized in May 2010. "[I]t is impossible to live as an Afghan Christian in Afghanistan if your Christian identity is revealed to the public and to the Afghan Islamic Republic.


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