Friday, April 1, 2011

Wilders to Present Fitna Sequel next Year

THE HAGUE, 02/04/11 - Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders announced Friday that he will present a sequel to his short film Fitna next year. Part 2 will be about "the barbaous life of the sick spirit of Mohammed."

Wilders already said earlier this week in current affairs magazine HP/De Tijd that he wants to stimulate a "public debate" on the Prophet Mohammed. The debate could offer understanding and support to Muslims worldwide to leave Islam, according to the PVV leader. Wilders declared that Islam is highly dangerous and in his view, this becomes clear by reading the Koran and by looking at the character of Mohammed.

Wilders put Fitna on the Internet in 2008. The government of the day, which warned of worldwide violence against Dutch nationals and Dutch targets, considered a preventive ban on the 15-minute long film, but dropped this idea due to its legal unfeasibility. In the event, violence did not break out anywhere in the world.

Fitna was about the Koran, while Fitna 2 will be specifically about the Prophet. The film was earlier announced for 2010, but partly due to the early elections following the fall of the government, this was no longer possible.

According to Wilders, apostates are heros that deserve support. "It is time for us to help these people by unmasking Mohammed," he said in HP/De Tijd. In the same article, he also cited academics who believe that Mohammed had a brain tumour as a result of which he had hallucinations which were written down as visions.

According to one hadith ~ some of the Muslims [pre-Islamic Arabians] said that they realized that Muhammad was the messenger from god ~ because of the boil on the back of his neck ~ and the only reason that they saw this 'white pus bump' was because he had just had an epileptic fit.

[We know that when people recover from fits ~ they often have spiritual experiences!!]

Anyone who sleeps with the dead ~ and further instructs others on the same ~ had to have been a madmen / or serious personality disorder!

Other strange things ~ he said he liked to dress in women's clothing ~ but it was only when he dressed in little Aisha's clothes ~ that he would receive messages from God ~ that while he wore other women's clothes he received no messages!!!!

Muslims need to stop fearing this man and free themselves from this!!

Most Muslims live in countries where they can't leave Islam ~ freeing the Muslims world ~ for a post-Sharia age!!!

Funny how it could be ~ Muslims stepped out to conquer ~ again ~ but this time they got conquered. And finally freed from this repressive hold on their minds!!


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