Saturday, April 2, 2011

Those naughty Muslims 'provoked' into beheading UN staff members ~ how far do we go to support Islam

All over reports are blaming Terry Jones' support for the burning of a Koran ~ for the beheading of two people. Let's face it it is far easier to burn a book ~ any book than to physically behead a person.

I think we are going to have to take a serious look at immigration and Islam's place in the west. Particularly to do with freedoms versus the Shari'a.

The focus is on Mr Jones ~ but in any Muslim nation ~ there is systematic intolerance against Christians at state level ~ under sharia based laws ~ Christians cannot enjoy equality with Muslims. Is this the Islam we are being asked to respect?

With Islam we are becoming like the abused wife ~ careful that the things we say and do ~ don't send them off into a murderous rage.

What sort of respect is this.

We need to decide whether it is people we want to respect or an archaic system of religious law and justice.

Florida pastor Terry Jones has not apologised for a Koran burning stunt last month that led to the murders of up to 20 people in northern Afghanistan yesterday.

Indeed the head of the Dove World Outreach Center, the man whom many hold responsible for instigating the wave of protests, remained defiant over his decision to hold the Koran burning - saying it was time for 'Islam to be held accountable'.

At least seven United Nations staff were murdered - two by beheading - after extremists stormed their compound in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

The mob beheaded two U.N. guards, seized their weapons and began shooting those inside the compound after a demonstration against Koran burnings in the U.S. turned violent.

Mr Jones, who ignored international warnings that his actions would undoubtedly lead to violent reprisals, said the blame laid at the feet of the attackers.

He said: 'We must hold these countries and people accountable for what they have done as well as for any excuses they may use to promote their terrorist activities. The time has come to hold Islam accountable.

'Our United States government and our President must take a close, realistic look at the radical element Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace.

'We demand action from the United Nations. Muslim dominated countries can no longer be allowed to spread their hate against Christians and minorities.'

The Taliban has reportedly claimed responsibility for the killings, saying they were part of a campaign of violence in the run up to presidential elections.

The bloodshed is the worst attack on the U.N. in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001.

At least four Afghan workers were also killed and officials fear the total death toll could rise to 20.
The rampage began when more than 1,000 protesters flooded into the streets after Friday prayers, where they heard reports about the Koran burnings in America last month.

After slaying the guards, the armed mob scaled the compound's blast walls before setting fire to a guard tower and several other buildings.

An Afghan police source, who asked not to be named, said the chief of the mission in the city was wounded but survived. [..]

Daily Mail


Amy said...

Thanks for the great post! Yes, we are so careful not to offend Islam...why? If it teaches peace, why is everybody afraid? Dr. Terry Jones is doing what many want to do, but don't dare.

Sado said...

Burning the Quran isn't simply just offending muslims, its the very base of our religion. You don't hear stories about the Bible being burnt, then why target the Quran? Its unreasonable that Muslims won't protest when their book is burned. We keep it on elevated places at our homes out of respect, its heart-rending to see some zealot burning it.

Cole said...

But Sado,

If you must take up your religion ~ then put Muhammad's sword down.

We know Islam doesn't mean peace ~ if it ever did ~ that peace is only for Muslims ~ as with so many verses in the koran ~ respect is to be given ~ or kindness shown or honesty displayed ~ but only for Muslims.

Can you see how this could be a problem for others. Koran 9:29 calls for Muslims to fight the non-believer even the people of the book ~ until they 'feel' themselves subdued.

It is your precious book but it calls for attacks on me ~ and others who don't forbid the things Muhammad said ~ Allah of the Kaaba has forbidden.


However strongly you feel ~ you can't seriously believe that one day the world will be your dhimmis ~ as Christians and others in the Muslims world live today ~ isn't it a fantasy that all non-Muslims will one day live as subordinates under Muslims ~ as they do?


For us human life is important ~ and we feel that it should be respected more than your Koran ~ that is the difference here.

Cutting off a head can never be equivalent to burning a book ~ copies of which you can pick up down the local book store.

BLT31 said...

I don't know what the big problem is here. I purchased a whole case of Qurans last winter at a very reduced price because no one wanted them around except the "Devil Worshippers" and used these books for my winter fireplace heat. Had a Great winter weiny roast also!

BLT31 said...

Free society burns Korans/Qurans to make a point but Islam takes it to the maximum and burns humans. Tell us all who the barbarians are now:

Watch the video of Pastor Terry Jones burning the filthy, dirty, hate-filled Quran at:


Video of Muslims "burning" muslims:



bint alshamsa said...

It's hard to get really excited about stuff like this when self-professed Christians kill far more people every day. If we judged religions by the actions of those who claim to belong to them, then there would be no justification for calling any of the major religions peaceful. In the heavily-Catholic city of New Orleans (where I'm from), there was a case in the news about police officers who murdered an innocent person and then set the body on fire in order to cover up the crime. Do you want to guess what religion the police were? I'll give you a hint: They weren't Muslims.

And we have all heard about the pedophilia, polygamy, and incest that has been running rampant among the clergy and congregants of many churches around the world.

Even in Afghanistan, a Christian is much more likely to be the killer of a Muslim and not the person who is being killed. These people have endured years and years of watching people, who claim to be Christians, slaughtering people who are Muslims.

If I came to your house and pistol-whipped your mother and then poked you in the arm and you turned around and kicked my arse, would it be fair to say that you over-reacted to being poked? After all, it wasn't you that I pistol-whipped. Right? Most folks would understand that poking you was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Jones' actions were just the final straw in this case. What happened at the U.N. stems from a situation that has been festering for many years. It's not like a bunch of people in Afghanistan just woke up a few days ago and said "Hmm. Before this, Americans claiming to be Christians have never done anything to us. Still, this preacher fellow on the other side of the world DID burn a book that I liked, so I'm going to go out and kill some U.N. workers". Plenty of attention-hogs like Jones have burned Qur'ans in the past and no one in Afghanistan ransacked the U.N. about it. What happened a few days ago occurred because of the sustained war conditions that these people have been living under for years. Now we can add these deceased workers to the thousands of people who have been killed in Afghanistan thanks to the war being carried out there.

Just as many members of Christendom associate Islam with violence, injustice, and imperialism, so do non-Christians associate Christendom with the same things for all of the same reasons.