Sunday, April 3, 2011

So now we wait for these 'justifiable' Islamic attacks to occur in the west ~ non-Muslim UN workers singled out for attack

Secretary-General for Afghanistan Staffan de Mistura carries the casket of one of seven U.N. employees killed in an attack on Friday in Mazar-i-Sharif

Now we sit and wait ~ for those who offend Islam to be attacked by Muslim mobs in the west!! Like with the Salman Rusdie 'isolated' incident ~ this too will wash up on our shores!!

It is almost like we become Muslim too ~ 'well he offended the Prophet ~ he should have been killed'.

She offended her father's honor ~ she should be killed... oh the shame her father must have felt

Now we are spectators to the Islamic crime against humanity ~ and we take part in it ~ with our withholding of our condemnation.

Those backward Muslim ways are catching on here too!!

You know how anger he gets ~ I just won't do that any more + and that + and that... until we are boxed in ~ like the prison that the Islamic world finds itself in.

But even in a prison one can find freedom ~ if you are really good ... and you don't offend Islam ~ [i.e. forgo truth and logic and reason] ~ then freedom can be yours in this new Islamic prison planet.

It is hallelujah or is it halal ~ I can't remember any more!!


Oh, Muhammad would have never called for non-Muslims to be attacked or killed ~ regardless of what the Koran says!! No, no, no ~ we will tell you what to believe from now on!! See you are free!! You are no longer ignorant ~ of Islam!

They are handing out politically correct cookies over there ~ you can go get yours now!!
They had better be halal!!

The head of the U.N. mission in Afghanistan has described the horrific executions of seven colleagues.

Staffan de Mistura spoke in sombre tones as he described how the U.N. workers dashed into a dark bunker hoping to escape the mob of Afghan protesters angry over the burning of a Quran by a Florida church.

His words come as Pastor Terry Jones, the man de Mistura and many others blame for instigating Friday's protests, defiantly promised to put Islamic prophet Mohammed 'on trial' for his next 'day of judgement' publicity stunt.

His last protest, in which he oversaw the burning of a copy of the Koran after a six-hour mock trial, has been directly responsible for a wave of violence in Afghanistan that has left 30 people dead and inflamed protest throughout the Middle East.

Staffan de Mistura, the top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan, recounted their harrowing deaths of workers who hid in a bomb proof bunker.

The envoy told how the workers were hunted down and brutally slain – their bodies found later in three different parts of the compound in northern Afghanistan.

He said: 'They were killed when they were running out of the bunker.

'One was pulled out alive because he pretended to be a Muslim.'

The bunker was the only safe place for the four foreign U.N. workers on the compound, including the Russian chief of mission.

But the door of the bunker was made to withstand a bomb attack, not the sheer force of a crowd of people trying to get inside.

When the killers forced themselves inside they saw Pavel Ershov, the mission chief who is fluent in Dari, one of two languages spoken in Afghanistan.

They beat him, but stopped after he convinced them, in Dari, that he was a Muslim, de Mistura said.

'He spoke the language and tried to draw their attention on himself,' the envoy said.

'For a moment, he hoped that they would think there was nobody else there.'

Envoy de Mistura placed direct blame on those who burned a copy of the Muslim holy book in Gainesville, Florida, last month, stoking anti-foreign sentiment that already was on the rise after nearly a decade of war in Afghanistan.

'The demonstration was meant to protest against the insane and totally despicable gesture by one person who burned the holy Quran,' he said.

But vilified pastor Terry Jones remains unrepentant about his actions, and has even hinted that he will take his provocative stance further.

He said in an interview today: 'It is definitely a consideration to stage a trial on the life of Mohammed in the future.'

It is feared such a move would trigger further violent protests in the Muslim world - even in more moderate Islamic states.

Jones added: 'Did our action provoke them? Of course. Is it a provocation that can be justified? Is it a provocation that should lead to death.

'When lawyers provoke me, when banks provoke me, when reporters provoke me, I can’t kill them. That would not fly.'

Daily Mail


Flushnuttss said...

The "Church" where Jones is the "pastor" is not affiliated with a single christian group of any kind. But it is registered as a "Known hate group" along with the KKK and Nazi party.
He claims Islam made it his Christian duty to use blackmail to stop them completely, or until he recieved a car which ever came first. When asked "What he found in the Koran that makes it so evil it must be destroyed?" He confesed to never having even read it. And when asked "why him" and why now?" His answer was "I need the money"

Cole said...

If you try to take a Koran into Saudi Arabia it is destroyed. How many Christians are out burning mosques because of it?

Regardless of this man's beliefs ~ we should not excuse Muslim aggression ~ as it won't be long before ~ this arrives on our shores.


There are numerous stories ~ but there was one ~ in the hadiths, of a woman who was critical of Muhammad. She had a couple of children for a blind man who had taken to Muhammad. As the story goes he waited for her to stop nursing the child and then drove a sword straight through her chest.

He then told Muhammad what he had done ~ and Muhammad congratulated him and said it proved his loyalty.


What is arising in the Islamic world ~ is not new.

Whether Terry Jones read all of the book or not ~ it is not hard to find verses ~ that call for war against or the deaths of non-Muslims online even.

They are there.


If any praise need to be given to Muslims ~ is for the fact that they don't follow these.


Check this video out:

Prophecies of Nostradamus ~ made 1979 ~ in it they talk about predictions of the rise of Islam.