Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sarkozy's party stages much-hyped Islam versus secularism debate ~ France should move away from Islamic immigration

Muslim men pray in Paris streets

If you look at the countries or regions Islam has taken over or conquered [Dar al Islam, the conquered lands]~ it is really nothing to look at ~ it is really nothing to get overjoyed about ~ it is like a cover version of 7th century greatest hits. Do we really want to hear this music ~ and do this dance for the next 1000 years. Women's rights ~ let's face it ~ whatever good things we can dredge up to say about Islam ~ Muhammad allowed for the rape of women [Koran verse based directly on Muhammad's angel inspired command to rape non-Muslim women] ~ there are no women's rights ~ as we would like to see them coming out of there. The whole life is meant to be tied to Arabia and its intersessing black stone of worship ~ and with Muslims whatever modern civilisation they managed to take over ~ old Persia for one ~ and so many places in between ~ they always manage to lazily ~ allow the societal structure to crumble back to the 7th century ways or daze. The whole lazy inshallah, god willing if..., has been imported to Europe. The fight is against the Muslim mindset, which in the Muslim world is enforced by law. Even if you had a spark of an idea it would soon be drowned out by the chimes of God willing ~ if the clerics don't get to the idea to destroy it or limit it first. But the French wish to maintain a modern secular state. Not a broken God willing inshallah dictatorship. That takes an active citizenship ~ towards that end.

Immigration is the elephant in the room. There are so many people around the world, who could be of benefit to the French society, why are we fussing with Muslim immigrants over Shari'a law. When there are billions of others ~ to choose from ~ who would gladly take part in the building or maintaining of a modern state. Who would help ~ not burden the state.

Islam in and of itself cannot produce the things Muslims want/ need ~ for life in the modern world. But before they figure that out how many places should we allow to be brought down by it.

A long-awaited debate on the state and religion by French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party takes place Tuesday. But it is a scaled-down version, with only a dozen ministers expected to attend, and it has been dogged by accusations of Islamophobia.

Interior minister Claude Guéant courted controversy again the day before the debate by declaring that the growth of Islam in France “posed a problem”.

France’s founding law on secularism was passed in 1905, before the major immigration from former French colonies in north Africa of the late 20th century.

Guéant, Education Minister Luc Chatel and Budget Minister François Baroin are three of about 10 ministers who will take part in the discussion on issues ranging from the training of imams, ritual slaughter and secularism in state schools.

No Muslim leaders will take part and some Muslim UMP members stormed out of the party because of the plan. Nor will Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, who does not approve of the debate. But UMP chief Jean-Francois Copé has been pushing hard for it

The left has denounced the debate as a political ploy to woo far-right Front National supporters.

The French Muslim council decided to boycott it, saying that it picks on Muslims. But it is sending observers – as is the Catholic church. France’s main rabbi, Gilles Bernheim, said he will participate.

The 1905 law guaranteeing the separation of state and religion is not up for discussion.

But Guéant is to present 26 proposals, many of which could be put in place right away – including some on the controversial issue of Muslims praying in the streets, which Front National leader Marine Le Pen last year compared to the German occupation.


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