Monday, April 18, 2011

Militant US-Born Rapper In Somalia Calls For Jihad Against Own Country - Again

Omar Hammami, a self-proclaimed jihadist who grew up in Daphne,
Ala., reportedly released a song mocking
reports of his death in Somalia's civil war.
(AllHipHop News) Two new rap tracks have surfaced from Islamic militant Omar Hammami aka "Abu Mansour al-Amriki," discrediting reports that he had been killed in Mogadishu.

Two English versions of songs by Hammami titled "Send Me A Cruise" and "Make Jihad With Me" were released on the Internet last week.

The Daphne, Alabama raised-rapper converted to Islam around 2006 and left the United States for Somalia, where he joined the militant group Al-Shabaab, which is fighting the African-Union backed Ethiopian government.

The American has released propaganda raps calling for Jihad against all enemies of Islam, including the United States.

In "Send Me a Cruise," Hammami raps:

Send me a cruise like Maa’lam Adam al Ansari/And send me a couple of tons like Zarqawi/And send me a drone like Abu Laith al Libi/And Special Forces like Saleh Ali Nabhani/Send me all four and send me much much more/I pray for that on my way to heavens door/Send me four and send me more, that what I implore/An amazing martyrdom I strive for and adore

In "Make Jihad With Me," Hammami calls for attacks on his country of birth, the United States.

Allahu Akbar Give Some More Bounty/Attack America Now!/Martyrdom or Victory/We take it Nairobi to Addis – Paradise Inside/Khilafah is here!/We are wiping Israel clear off the globe!

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