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Man who burned Koran jailed for 'theatrical bigotry' - A good blasphemy joke!

It appears that the same people who are allowed to cause
are also the only ones allowed to be offended
Regardless of this man's views and past behavior ~ it doesn't seem sufficient grounds to lock the guy up. Do we lock people up for burning books?

For example if I threw a copy of the Koran in for recycling [which I did] ~ by now spun into a roll of something else now ~ and no one was the wiser ~ but if I filmed myself doing it ~ then it could be termed 'theatrical' and some [let's say from the Guardian newspaper] might say 'bigotry' or from Christian persecuting Pakistan 'blasphemy'!!

So if you had an old Koran and pitched it out ~ [where do old Korans go in the Muslim world ~ perhaps they ascend] ~ and a Muslim passer-by [a convert] or other concerned citizen saw it ~ reported the citing ~ could that person face arrest ~ hours of police questioning.... and possible imprisonment.... 

~ for the crime of theatrical bigotry!!!

The whole thing is getting a little bit ~ theatrical.


No one is arrested in the US ~ for good reason ~ they respect/protect freedom of expression.

And conversely in the Muslim world ~ virtually no one is arrested for attacking or assaulting Christian believers ~ they can tear up their books, spit out their holy bread, scroll 'convert or die' on their walls and nothing is done ~ so long as they are Muslim they are protected.

Some might suggest based on the teachings of their holy book..

We should be clear that once an object such as a book is in our possession ~ we do have the right to do with it what we want.

Easy target:

First they take away his freedoms ~ then they take away mine.

In Pakistan ~ owners of a roadside tea stall, beat a Christian man to death ~ for drinking from a 'Muslim only' cup ~ apparently he did not see the sign which said identify your religion before ordering ~ rights groups said no one was arrested and sign was still up a week or so later ~ they noticed he was wearing a cross.

I hope that we are not trying to impress them!

Andrew Ryan, 32, stole a copy of the holy book from Carlisle Library and then set it on fire with a lighter as a crowd gathered to hear his protests in front of a monument.

Police arrested Ryan, of Summerhill, Carlisle, shortly after the lunchtime incident in English Street on January 19.

Sentencing him at Carlisle Magistrates' Court, District Judge Gerald Chalk said: "This is a case of theatrical bigotry.

"It was pre-planned by you as you stole the book deliberately. You went out to cause maximum publicity and to cause distress."

Before he was led to the cells, Ryan asked: "What about burning poppies?"

The comment was a reference to the case of Emdadur Choudhury, a Muslim extremist who was fined £50 last month after burning a poppy on Armistice Day.

Yesterday, the court heard the defendant had six public order convictions between 2002 and 2010 including racial chanting at a football match and assault with intent to resist arrest.

Judge Chalk said: "You are a man who has a history of violence and disorderly conduct."

Ryan pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated harassment and theft at an earlier hearing.

Prior to the hearing, a Facebook page created by the "English Defence League Carlisle Division" urged visitors to support "Division Member" Ryan in his court appearance.

Around 10 men sat in the public gallery but walked out when District Judge Chalk announced the sentence.

Comments of "what a joke" and "call that justice" were made as they left the courtroom.
The court was told that Ryan's former probation officer witnessed him shouting and waving a book at Carlisle Cross outside the Old Town Hall in the city centre.

Ryan told him he intended to burn the Koran in a protest against the Muslim faith.

He failed in his first attempt with matches before he succeeded with a lighter.

Ryan then continued to shout abuse about the Muslim faith as he held the burning book, before he threw it to the floor and walked away, the court heard.

He then updated his personal Facebook page to reveal what he had done.

When arrested and interviewed by police, Ryan told officers: "I just hope I have not caused World War Three."

Margaret Payne, defending, said: "Mr Ryan has said to me that the incident was silly and it is not something he would do again.

"He wants to make it clear that it was directed towards radical Islam such as the burning of poppies and flags.

"He would certainly not want Muslim people to think he had problems with their beliefs.

"Mr Ryan was brought up to respect the Armed Forces. Some members of his family were in the Armed Forces and he himself served in the Army between the ages of 16 and 20 in Northern Ireland.

"What caused him to 'lose it' on that day was that he had been looking at a website which had shown radical people burning poppies and abusing British troops returning from abroad."

The defendant joined the library with the intention of borrowing the Koran but instead stole it.
His solicitor said the incident was relatively short and he acted alone.

Unemployed Ryan was also sentenced to 30 days in jail for the theft of the book, to run concurrently.

Following sentencing, Inspector Paul Marshall, of Carlisle CID, said: "Today's result shows how seriously we take hate crime in the county.

"This incident was highly unusual for Cumbria as we have such low levels of hate crime in the county.

"However, when it does occur we investigate thoroughly so that offenders, and the local community, know that hate crime will simply not be tolerated."


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Following sentencing, Inspector Paul Marshall, of Carlisle CID, said: "Today's result shows how seriously we take hate crime [against muslims/islam] in the county."