Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Libya action 'not attack on Islam' - Oh brother!!

British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) during a joint press conference with his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani in Islamabad on April 5, 2011

It shows though we do have to get off the oil ~ and relinquish concern in these countries.

The oil game for the west was lost a long time ago.

And to continue we offer Islamic nations too much control ~ naturally above all the thing they want most is that everyone should follow their religion ~ but unfortunately with all the PR, there are only examples such as Pakistan, the state of countries across North Africa, and the virtual religious tyranny and despotism of the Middle East ~ to go by as examples ~ of the freedom that Islam can provide.

Though since the Muslims are complaining ~ it is the perfect time to say that we in the west need energy freedom. Are politicians the best people to understand this or see a way out, most having studied law or political science? The best thing some western politicians could come up with was the bringing together of the Islamic legal system and western rights based laws ~ theocracy should not be the vision of the western future. Especially when there is so much more to do in the way of technology and energy technology ~ to impose a theocratic restriction on society would be a mistake. It would literally be a camel led society.

(UKPA) - David Cameron has attempted to reassure Muslim opinion about the Nato-led military operation in Libya, telling students in Pakistan it is not an "attack on Islam".

The Prime Minister said the action not only has the backing of Arab countries and the United Nations but is designed to save the lives of innocent, mainly Muslim, civilians.

He rejected comparisons with the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and insisted it is "nonsense" that action against the Gaddafi regime had been motivated by Western interests in Libya's oil.

Mr Cameron, on his first official visit to Pakistan as PM, launched a robust defence of the UK's participation in a speech at the Islamabad Institute of Information Technology.

He said he recognised that some people looked at the UK's role in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya "and believe we're engaged in some sort of war against Islam".

"Nothing could be further from the truth," he told the audience. "I don't think anyone can seriously argue that international action in Libya is an attack on Islam. Backed by the United Nations and the Arab League, we have taken action to protect people - predominantly Muslim people - from slaughter, just as we did in Kosovo over a decade ago."

It is simply not comparable with the Iraq campaign, he said, which inflamed anti-Western sentiment and is credited by critics with fuelling further extremism.

"There will be no foreign invasion, and Arab nations like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are actively contributing to the no-fly zone," he said. "And the argument that the West is acting because of oil is also nonsense.

"If this was the case, we could have let Gaddafi take Benghazi and Tobruk and the oil would have continued to flow. Instead, we took the difficult decision to stop Gaddafi."

"The evidence emerging from Misrata shows only too clearly why civilians need protection from Gaddafi's forces. As one Libyan put it: 'These strikes give us hope'. And we won't take that hope away."

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