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Islamic Hypocrisy: Jordan to 'Try' Danish Cartoonist for 'Blasphemy' vs. moderate Islamic leader 'Allah has also made Muhammad an epitome for religious warriors'

Danish Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

Just dragging this thing on and on. Why don't the concentrate on creating some jobs for their people. With riots across the region ~ for bread and better living conditions everyday. They can't eat Islam.

What is up with Jordan. Almost every time the Queen steps out ~ there seems to be another lecture on Islam ~ why can't she tell us about Jordan. Mentioned in the Bible ~ it obviously has a history and a culture that pre-dates the Islamic enslavement or conquest.

It is clear that Muslims feel that anyone who insults the Prophet should be killed. A blood-lust ~ which led to the drawing of the cartoon in the first place. And it does demonstrate how in their psyche ~ violence is in Islam ~ that it is not separated from it ~ that it is an integral part of their religion. For them it is normal. Islamic warriors take over your country ~ anyone who speaks out against what they are doing or what they represent ~ is killed. And of course these conquerors represented the Prophet who supported ~ indeed took part in these violent acts to conquer and further convert or subjugate the Christian and Jew.

If Muslims in the past or the conquered people were able to use logic ~ many would have rejected the Muhammad/new Kaaba vision. If they could have examined Muhammad's actions, his deviant behavior, the average man would have weighed the up against his own or other beliefs ~ and opted not to join. But they, then as now did not have a choice.

As the people of Mecca did before Muhammad took up the sword, the 'no in Islam compulsion' phase of Muhammad's life ~ he had no substantial message, as Jesus had, and so he did not have people flocking around him. He had no more than 100 followers ~ and some of these were probably his wives and children. People were ignoring him. The Meccans knew he was up to no good. One guy slapped him when he was younger, but when Muhammad gained some power, he took his sword and likely sliced the man's head off ~ and then gave the sword to his young daughter to wash off. This man took a small 5-6 yr-old child as his wife, how many people are going to bring their child to sit and listen to him, as they did with Jesus ~ unless motivated by fear.

Now there is the added element of the racists argument ~ open objection to the Islamic ideology is now deemed racist ~ an excuse to clearly the extend Islam's laws into the international arena ~ onto non-Muslims. Even Gaddafi [on his Islamic foundation site] used the term 'racist' when referring to those who reject Islam in Europe. The anti-racist bandwagon for the promotion of Islam and its laws ~ has already lost a wheel here in Europe ~ it appears to be making the rounds in the US now!

More evidence of institutional Islam's 24/7 hypocrisy via The Daily Telegraph:

A Jordanian court will try Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard over a controversial caricature of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. Zakarya Sheikh, spokesman for a group of local media outlets that sued Westergaard in 2008 for depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban, said the artist and others have been summoned by a magistrates' court in Amman to stand trial on April 25. The subpoena states Westergaard "is accused of the crime of blasphemy." "These legal measures seek to prevent attempts to insult Islam and incite racial hatred against Muslims worldwide, particularly in Europe," Sheikh said.

Just below is the modern depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad by of one of Islam's most important contemporary "spiritual" leaders, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, for whom the (Orwellian-monikered) "Qaradawi Center for Islamic Moderation" in Qatar was named. Hailed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike for his "progressive modernism," Qaradawi delivered this sermon, "The Prophet Muhammad as a Jihad Model" whose words (and many more like them across the length and breadth of Islamdom) inspired Westergaard's apt cartoon image of the turban-bomb Muhammad:

Allah has also made the prophet Muhammad into an epitome for religious warriors [Mujahideen] since he ordered Muhammed to fight for religion... the first assignment is to prepare the hero who is willing to put his life in his own hands for Allah's sake, and he who does not care whether he encounters death or death encounters him...He [i.e., a self-immolating bomber] kills the enemy while taking self-risk, similarly to what Muslims did in the past... He wants to scare his enemies, and the religious authorities have permitted this. They said that if he causes the enemy both sorrow and fear of Muslims... he is permitted to risk himself and even get killed.

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