Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hijacking Revolution? Muslim Brotherhood wants power in Egypt - Video

Of interest ~ one of the commentators of this RT video ~ who appears about 2:09 min. in ~ Shihab Rattansi can now spout his anti-American views openly. Before the flock of Muslim journalists went over to Al Jazeera ~ he used to work for CNN. But the moment I thought that it was amazing to see that at least one journalist of Muslim origin was still hanging around ~ next I knew he was over there as well.

Clearly CNN's PC religion substitute wasn't enough for him. [No doubt their reward lay in Arab advertising do$$ar paradise]

This came to light on the occasion of the death of the Lebanese President Hariri ~ who was on his way to parliament ~ when his motorcade was bombed leaving a two storey crater in the road ~ likely using a bomb that had been planted in the road works.

But while on CNN, Rattansi surprised one guest and viewers ~ when he challenged a guest for suggesting that it was a terrorist incident.  Rattansi asked the man how did he know it was an act of terrorism and does he have any proof. The guest responded after a little ~ what the heck is this pause ~ by saying of course it was a terrorist act.

Possibly Shihab Rattansi saw the accusation as an attack on Islam. As it would have no doubt been perpetrated by Muslims. Or he was holding out for some conspiracy theory or other popular in the Islamic world when these things happen.

The problem with the Muslim world is highlighted in the ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas ~ their vision for the future almost always has to do with re-establishing ~ the now defunct Islamic Empire. Of which, no one can help them with, unless we become like them. But we certainly would be willing to help them with other things. Of course in our own interests ~ but rights and freedoms would no doubt serve them too.

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Genius Entity said...

Muslim Brotherhood members are very Egyptians, and they participated heavily in the revolution and saved it. Every Egyptian knows that well. Please do not talk about things you have no idea about.