Sunday, April 17, 2011

From the archives 1979: Islamic State a Vague Idea - Enter the Ayatollah + Jihad!!

Today in the west we have Muslims talking openly about setting up an Islamic state ~ here.

The success of the Islamic marketing campaign ~ is that Islamic law is entirely open to 'interpretation' and on these grounds 'aspects' of the Islamic state [law] could be introduced into the free democracy harmlessly and without consequence!

It is likely that the people saying these things have a 'vague' idea of what this experiential with freedom would turn out to be like ~ perhaps they could look at Iran for some on the ground results.

What is more ridiculous than this wilful disregard of life in the Islamic state ~ is that much of the financing for the promotion of a favorable view of Islam is coming from Saudi Arabia. A place where Bibles are illegal!

The article is found on the same Milwaukee Journal page ~ is like history repeating. After the people's uprising the Shah appears to be plotting for a prolonged civil war to one day allow him to return.

Source: He's forming an Islamic Council

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