Monday, April 18, 2011

France blocks North African economic migrant from leaving Italy - Video

I agree with France's position ~ it is clear Italy wants to get rid of them. Most are from Tunisia ~ and there is now an interim government ~ and they are taking steps to create a new one. It is clear these people are leaving that country for a better life in Europe. Then it doesn't end there ~ they will want to marry a cousin ~ and bring them ~ and their children will each be married in the same way. Ensuring that these few immigrants have hundreds more behind them. Many showing little or no respect for the norms of the country they are inhabiting.

France has a policy that the immigrant must show that they can support themselves ~ that it must not be a situation where an economic migrant ~ comes into the country as a burden on the state.

Unfortunately with immigration there is the ideal situation and there is the reality. It is the French taxpayer who will be asked to support this guys life. And so there is not only reality ~ there is fairness.

The whole focus of a Muslims society is Islam and everything around Islam ~ perhaps the North Africans should take these revolutions as an opportunity to shift focus ~ which could really help people in their lives ~ not as they would have been in the 7th century ~ but now.

Muslims have been allowed to come to Europe, but after being given every opportunity ~ they say that is not enough ~ we want Shari'a law. It is a real problem for the free society. No one in France wants their kids arrested for walking down the street with a boy or girl they are not married to. We cannot absolutely have these things in Europe.

Prior to the Libyan breakdown ~ Italy was working with Libya, using high powered boats to return these people back to the shores of Africa ~ now its position is that France and other countries should take some of these illegal immigrants too.

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