Monday, April 18, 2011

Egypt Muslim Bro: Freedom to be based on the practise of Islam and gaining new recruits

Might I humbly suggest that America be destroyed for its decadence
and ignorance of Islam.
Said Qutb founder of Muslim Brother think tank.
There is no talk of individual or personal freedoms or even freedom of religion in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's vision of Egypt. They are keeping close ties with Iran ~ perhaps a little Sunni Ayatollah will emerge. A new dictator of the Ayatollah kind. Evil laugh!! Your freedom is mine to decide.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Member of Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau stressed supporting the revolution and adorning Egypt with Islam as the final aim of Muslim Brotherhood.

Sa'ad el-Husseini, member of Egypt's largest political group said activities of the group aimed at developing organizations and institutes, supporting the revolution, realization of Islamic Movement and also ornamenting the country with Islam.

He said, "Muslim Brotherhood is trying to lead Egyptian society towards realization of Islamic identity by awakening people." He added that the realization of Islamic society would be a preface for building Islamic government based on freedom, cooperation and justice.

"Our freedom is dependent on our following Islam and inviting people to this religion," he said.

Mahmoud Ezzat, Brotherhood's Deputy Supreme Guide stressed the necessity of Islam's involvement to all interactions of the people saying that, "Freedom party and freedom of parties is something independent of the movement and Muslim Brotherhood stresses that in its strategic and political aims."

Founded in 1928, Muslim Brotherhood is the leading political organization in Egypt and actually the oldest Islamic political group in the world.

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