Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bloody pig's trotter sent with anti-Semitic note to radical Islam hearings politician Peter King

Some farmer must be missing a pig!
The controversial Republican representative who chaired a hearing into the 'radicalisation' of American Muslims has been sent a parcel containing a severed pig's trotter and an anti-Semitic note.

The parcel and it's gore-spattered contents were sent to Peter King at his Capital Hill offices in Washington today, according to police and Postal Inspectors conducting the investigation into the incident.

The parcel never reached Mr King, being intercepted at a postal station by authorities.

Sergeant Kimberly Schneider of Capitol Police would not comment on the contents of the package, but did confirm that it did not reach the congressman.

She said: 'The package was discovered at a mail facility off the hill early this morning. We have an active open investigation regarding the incident and are working with Postal Inspectors.'

Sergeant Schneider said there would be no further information released about the package.

A Capitol Hill source told NBC News about the contents of the package, saying that the note referenced King's controversial hearing last month about Muslim extremism within the U.S.

The source said that the trotter was discovered when the package underwent routine scans for suspect materials or explosives.

Mr King was criticised earlier in the year for the controversial high-security hearings into radical Islam in America.

Critics said it was targeting a particular section of the community and would add to anti-Islamic feeling in the country.

Blah Blah ~ how many attempts have been made to detonate a bomb either in the US or coming to it and let's not forget the successful attempts ~ all of late with connections to 'radical' Islam. Investigate the heck out of it!

But the New York Republican remained defiant and claimed there was a lack of co-operation by Islam’s community leaders in fighting terrorism. The Homeland Security Committee chairman also claimed U.S. mosques were a breeding ground for radical attitudes.

Daily Mail

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