Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aussie book: How to be an excellent Islamic wife / husband ~ allow husband to beat them - Video

Notice the Islamic spokesperson ~ she is an Australian convert!!


First you have allowed yourself to be taken in ~ then you have to explain it to others ~ despite the obvious.

It is a little embarrassing to watch. She's been conned!

Beat your wife ~ means beat your wife!!

We know that Muhammad beat at least one of wives ~ Aisha. When she decided to follow him one day ~ he punched her in the chest ~ like a man. And she said it hurt.

As for Muhammad's respect for women:

At one stage he also told her that three things annul prayer ~ a dog, a donkey and a woman. And she responded ~ you compare us to dogs or donkeys. But at least she responded.

From these Muslim text ~ the position of the woman is that she is a thing to be had by the man.

On this issue ~ where are all the women spokespersons who were born a Muslim ~ likely they could not get permission to speak ~ so they send out the token Australian convert. To tell us what we want to hear.

These Muslims are just playing house in their own kind of way ~ role playing. The wife plays the subservient role [the husband carries both his and her mind in his head] ~ but playing beat your wife ~ is unlawful.

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gsw said...

"I don't care if your even an atheist"

where is the 'atheist' handbook for wife-bashing?
(While many wives experience this strange phenomenon - I believe
most atheist wives tend to hit back.)

The crime is not in the encouragement to husbands, it is in the lies told to the muslim women.