Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'McCarthy' Congressman faces death threats from overseas over hearings into radical Islam in U.S.

Peter T. King
It is radical Islam.
Is all the opposition because some people have something to hide.
Republican Congressman Peter King has ramped up his security in the wake of 'hostile phone calls' and threats from overseas as he prepares to chair a hearing on Islamic radicalisation in the U.S

Mr King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he was not trying to stir up anti-Muslim fervour in America, claiming he was on the same page as President Obama's administration when it came to engaging moderates in the American Muslim community.

Surrounded by a noticeably heavier security presence, he told CBS 2: 'I’m getting a lot of hostile phone calls now, but the main threats I’m getting are from overseas.'

Yesterday he claimed the nation's largest Muslim advocacy group was undermining the hearing, which he said he views in the same way as the 1995 Senate hearings into the white militia movement after the Oklahoma City terror bombing.

Congressman Keith Ellison, the only practising Muslim in the House said 'singling out one community is the wrong thing to do'
Lil' Farrakhan ~
Catholic as a boy, he pretends he doesn't fully understand the faith that he joined!
Does he believe Malcolm X tripped and fell on that bullet.
And he told Fox News: 'I'm not going to give into political correctness. I'm going ahead.'

He told CBS 2: 'I want to show the extent of that radicalisation, how it happens. Also whether or not the Muslim community is fully cooperating.'

He also fought back against protesters, blaming the backlash on the Council on American Islamic Relations.

He [a US judge] branded the council an 'unindicted co-conspirator' in a terrorist funding case, adding that the council was the kind of group Muslim leaders should 'push aside'.

The council's spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, acknowledged the organisation had been orchestrating opposition to the hearing 'from the very beginning', but said the public outcry was heartfelt rather than engineered.

But on Sunday hundreds of protesters gathered in Times Square to accuse Mr King of unfairly targeting Muslims in Thursday's hearings.

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Abraam said...

this ia a usual tactic that muslims use everywhere. terrorising others for islamic gains is the way that is preached by muhammed and his fellowers, they use it against non-muslims and other muslims and the biggest joke of all time is that islam is a 'peaceful religion'. on one of his raids, muhammed killed more than 600 men of a jewish tribes on one day!! if this is the example that they follow what is about the followers