Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keith Ellison: Dramatics at the radical Islam hearing - Video

If it was about Muslims going shopping and taking their children to school ~ you would not need a Senate hearing ~ but all the hostility does show that Muslims are embarrassed by the violence ~ and Keith Ellison would seem to be overwhelmed by it.

It all goes to the question as to why he joined Islam ~ according to the wiki page it was partly for political reasons ~ surely he must have known that that ideology came with a violent tinge. Now the whole point of his existence is to show others that he did not know ~ that he wasn't aware of the violence ~ the Black Muslims whose ideology brought him to Islam ~ used to control each other.

Now he's crying ~ it must be for himself.

Violence is a firm part of Islam and we need to talk about it.

Muslims killing Muslims ~ in the name of Islam ~ is as old as Islam ~ but when Muslims start killing others for control ~ then we need to deal with it.

Keith Ellison (D - Minn.) is the first Muslim-American elected to Congress and one of two Muslim-Americans currently serving. Toward the end of his testimony, Ellison grows visibly emotional when he describes the story of Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a 23-year-old Muslim-American paramedic and police cadet from New York City. (via AP)

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