Friday, March 11, 2011

Iran threatens to boycott Olympics over 'Zionist' 2012 logo ~ Cameron says we will go on without you!

Let's ask the 2012 symbol ~ do you spell Zion?
David Cameron today told Iran they would "not be missed" if they boycott the Olympics because they object to the Games logo.

Last month Tehran wrote to the International Olympic Committee claiming the London 2012 logo spelled out "Zion" and was racist and demanded it be scrapped.

The Prime Minister told the Jewish News today: "It's completely paranoid. If the Iranians don't want to come, don't come - we won't miss you."

Message to Iran ~ if you want to be stupid ~ be stupid!

Looking at the Iranian team in the Olympic line-up ~ they seemed repressed. I believe one of the wrestlers objected to being in a match with an Israeli guy. ...Filling their people's heads with nonsense ~ because they think they are going to get something from it.

At the 2004 Games in Athens, an Iranian athlete Arash Miresmaeili, a two-time world judo champion, refused to compete against Israel's Ehud Vaks in the opening round of the 66kg competition. He admitted that he made his decision to show solidarity for the Palestinian cause. [+]

Another Iranian athlete refuses to shake an Israeli competitor's hand on podium - video


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