Friday, March 25, 2011

Debate: Can Islam be reformed? - Video

Islamic scripture was written or compiled in Syria ~ using a combination of Syriac and Old Arabic.

Zuhdi Jasser ~ was behind Third Jihad ~ and he is one of the only ones I've heard speaking out against political Islam. In one article [I believe] he was challenging CAIR on their political manoeuvring.

Walid Shoebat ~ Christianity is big on confessions ~ something Islam can use a little more of. To point out other's mistakes ~ one must also look at their own.

Robert's got it ~ if there is no admittance of wrong doing or flaws ~ there is no basis for reform....

Walid Shoebat, Zuhdi Jasser and Robert Spencer discussed the possibilities of reform in Islam on ABN Tuesday night. [...]

~ And in case you missed my ABN debate with Marvelous Moustafa Zayed about whether Muhammad taught that non-Muslims should be warred against and subjugated.

The jizya tax collection was only stopped in the Islamic world after western colonization. In the tribal areas of Pakistan it is still collected ~ mainly from Hindus ~ natives to the region. They in some areas ~ are forced to wear a red patch and are forbidden to greet a Muslim on the street. A non-Muslim in olden times could be enslaved ~ for non-payment of the jizya. In India Muslim leaders became extremely wealthy because of the jizya ~ so there was no incentive to convert or encourage conversion of one's subjects.

Could the building of the Taj Mahal have been financed by the profits gained from Hindus paying the jizya?

The problem for this Muslim guy ~ when tring to convey Islam ~ is that how can you tell a fish to bite the line ~ because I want to eat you ~ how can you tell non-Muslims ~ in the non-Muslim world ~ I want to make you a dhimmi ~ a 2nd class citizen ~ under Muslim rule. Remember this is religious ~ they actually believe that the dhimmi status and jizya tax is fair.

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