Friday, March 25, 2011

Bowling for Islam: "Because CNN loves to promote the beauty of being a muslim" - Say what??

It's incredible ~ here is a religion that promotes stonings, beheadings, child marriages ~ in the Muslims world non-Muslims are kept as 'protected' citizens ~ under which they do not enjoy equal rights with Muslims. And CNN can only see how great it is!!

What we want to see is the proud Christians in the Muslim world, people saying I changed my religion from Islam ~ without being imprisoned and tortured. Christians and others having the same rights to worship and practise their religion freely in the Muslim world. But under Shari'a these things are forbidden.

The "beauty of being a muslim" ~ where the Muslims assumes a higher status and everyone else walks around as dhimmis!!

This propaganda drive is going to come to no good.

Because as Europe has seen ~ Muslims will expect their laws to be respected ~ they will expect people to understand and accommodation their intolerances. And that is going to create a rift in society ~ with whoever is promoting this ~ Muslim supremacy ~ taking the fall. Politically mainly.

A new recruit to Islam ~ especially those who come in on the politically correct side ~ or with this view ~ Islam is peaceful ... ~ will not understand the significance of the koranic chapters for the separation of people ~ Koran 9:29 ~ those who do not forbid what god has forbidden ~ in the west one would see themselves as only following a set of restrictions ~ distinguishing you from others ~ but in the Islamic world ~ these distinctions ~ take on a whole new significance ~ they are part of the legal framework which places the non-Muslim at a lower status than the Muslim.

At first it is like a game ~ I don't eat this and I don't drink that ~ but the game progresses ~ into an Apartheid system ~ placing Muslims in a position as the 'protectors' of all others ~ those ~ who because they do eat this or that ~ are deemed incapable ~ of now what would be considered ~ the higher human acts of a Muslim.

It is a dangerous game ~ that they would promote an ideology that would subjugate them ~ unless they converted to Islam ~ which is the aim of the humiliating dhimmi status.

Smoke and mirrors ~ that Islam.


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