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Answering Arab-American: Islamophobia greater threat to the US than Muslim terrorists

Another example of Muslims trying to control the whole society so that they can make Islam better ....

A poke at Rep. King ~ whose about to hold congress hearings on radical Islam ~ perhaps...

Pull this argument apart ~ 

By Dr. Zogby

Let me state quite directly: Islamophobia and those who promote it are a greater threat to the United States of America than Anwar al-Awlaqi and his ragtag team of terrorists.

On one level, al-Awlaqi, from his cave hideout in Yemen, can only prey off of alienation where it exists. Adopting the persona of a latter-day Malcolm X (though he seems not to have read the last chapters of the "Autobiography" or learned the lessons of Malcolm's ultimate conversion), he appears street smart, brash, self-assured and assertive - all of the assets needed to attract the lost or wounded souls looking for certainty and an outlet for their rage. Like some parasites, al-Awlaqi cannot create his own prey. He must wait for others to create his opportunities, which until now have been isolated and limited - a disturbed young man here, an increasingly deranged soldier there.

Blaming the other guy  ~  Zionist-Crusader-Islamophobes are the cause of Islamic radicalism! How was Islam spread ~ again? That wasn't the result of radicalism ~ that was the way it was ~ back them! Fundamentalist Islam ~ was Islam.

Islamophobia, on the other hand, if left unchecked, may serve to erect barriers to Muslim inclusion in America, increasing alienation, especially among young Muslims. Not only would such a situation do grave damage to one of the fundamental cornerstones of America's unique democracy, it would also simultaneously rapidly expand the pool of recruits for future radicalisation.

Immigration that never ceases ~ produces immigrants who never adept

I have often remarked that America is different, in concept and reality, from our European allies. Third generation Kurds in Germany, Pakistanis in the UK, or Algerians in France, for example, may succeed and obtain citizenship, but they do not become German, British, or French. Last year, I debated a German government official on this issue. She kept referring to the "migrants" - a term she used to describe all those of Turkish descent, living in her country, regardless of the number of generations they had been there. Similarly, following their last election, a leading British newspaper commented on the "number of immigrants" who won seats, without noting that many of those "immigrants" were third generation citizens.

Perhaps the US will get used to European style Muslim immigration ~ and this is primarily why they are called 'immigrants' because with every generation, each family has to put at least one or all of their children ~ out to the old country, to often force them to marry their cousins, in order to help that side of the family to immigrate ~ where almost every Muslim family has at least one foreign born parent.

Why do they want to integrate ~ so their children can finally stand up to them and tell them enough with the generational chain marriage! You have to ask ~ what are these immigrants getting out of not integrating?

And look at Sarkozy's cabinet ~ he had no less than 2 'immigrant' women in there. But these are independent women who do their own thinking ~ unlike the typical non-integration Muslim woman ~ who allows herself to be subjected to her husband's every whim ~ because she rejects the freedom granted to her in the west.

In Italy there were reports of Muslim women being chained up ~ literally ~ so that they can only move between the kitchen, bathroom and living room ~ while the husband is at work. Nevermind being forced under a burqa when she goes outside!

Europe is right to make laws against these things. There can be no respect for Islamic religious laws here!

America has prided itself on being different. Being "American" is not the possession of a single ethnic group, nor does any group define "America”. Not only do new immigrants become citizens, they also secure a new identity. More than that, as new groups become American and are transformed - the idea of "America" itself has also changed to embrace these new cultures.

Within a generation, diverse ethnic and religious groups from every corner or the globe have become Americans, dramatically changing it in the process. Problems remain and intolerant bigots, in every age, have reared up against new groups, but history demonstrates that, in the end, the newcomers have been accepted, incorporated and absorbed into the American mainstream.

Mainstreaming Muslims ~ take the Amish ~ they rejected modernity ~ as in Europe Muslims wish to reject free society ~ and call for Islamic religious laws over rights bases laws ~ if they would live like the Amish ~ who would care? But Islamic society doesn't work like that ~ like in the Islamic world they insist that everyone should follow Islam as they do ~ expanded ~ this Islamic way ~ becomes Islamic terrorism.

....has prided itself on being different. Australia is also saying its different. The problem is Islam is the same ~ it demands uniformity ~ and it makes uniform demands. Thankfully that was its downfall ~ that is its weakness ~ their insistence on conformity means that they did the same things or nothing for 1000 years. With the discussions around banning Shari'a and the opposition posed by Muslim leaders ~ no doubt they will try to transform America into their beautiful Islamic model ~ as they have tried with Europe and are now attempting to do with Australia.

Al-Awlaqi likely knows more about the Prophet's life and words than the good doctor writing this article ~ that's what is so disturbing about Islam ~ compared to Muhammad the radicals don't go far enough ~ probably some of the things they would not want to do [*intercourse with dead women*] and that they can't do ~ because we won't allow them.

*A clear sign of derangement*.

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Alexandra brian said...

Yes friend great article written Muslims and Islam is now a days become a terror for Americans they wherever see Muslim they start blaming them and find a path to murder a Muslim.Quran School is the only place where you get proper education and true meaning of Islam and Quran.

DP111 said...

Muslims are alienated because they want to stay separate.

All this was predictable from the start. Muslims are required to stay as a cohesive community just as any invader needs to, to repel any opposing force, therefore they cannot integrate.

For hundreds of years, Western writers and thinkers have warned of the dangers that Islam poses the West and Europe. But what did our politicians do? They ignored all that and quite literally invited millions of Muslims to settle in the West, many of them on Welfare.
So where next? It has to be expulsion by encouragement, bribery or force.
The tragedy is that what the elites have done, is to drag our reputation in the mud for what we will be eventually forced to do.

BLT31 said...

"False gods always demand the blood of innocents".............The true lies and myths of Muhammad: