Monday, February 28, 2011

Wilders: 'Opposition to Islam is Europe's little Revolution'

Yes, Europe was becoming increasingly like an Islamic dictatorship. Funny how certain ideologies present a natural environment for restrictions freedoms. And even when protecting these ideologies ~ you find, you become more and more like the ideology. And freedoms seem to vanish!!

I think though ~ some on the far-Left are not ready to give up their positions in the defence of Islamization-of-western-society trenches ~ its still, those who do not want Shari'a ~ are the racists!! And so need to be stopped ~ by whatever Shari'a law means necessary!

Intolerance breeds authoritarianism

It is worrying what is happening in the Islamic world ~ its a rejection of freedom all round ~ from the people straight up to their leaders.  The question is how long can mass immigration continue from these parts, with people who don't respect freedoms. And especially where, we are already being told, that they think they should be in charge. It is arrogant to assume we can manage it ~ we are talking about integrating people who think the repressive behavior of Egypt and Pakistan are not only normal but correct ~ that God wills it.  When we can look at the evidence ~ that the more people holding the Islamic ideology ~ the more repressive society gets ~ unless there is a force acting against it.  Almost all Islamic countries are run as either dictatorships or other authoritarian rule ~ this has to say something about the Islamic mindset. As we saw when the Left in Europe tried to protect Islam ~ they became authoritarian. You can see where this thing is going.

Mass immigration ~ from regions of intolerance

Think 50 years down the road ~ with the same system of immigration marriage that we have today ~ and the Muslims world has not moved on. Gaddafi was brought to power in a revolution ~ and 40 years on, not much has changed ~ and they are still oppressed! Zionism, America, no oil, not enough oil ~ their victim mentality could mean there is another set of revolutions in 30-40 years time. Iran is another case in point.

Shari'a apartheid for non-Muslims

Muslim nations are bent on Shari'a ~ that is a declaration of the rejection of freedoms and rights. This also means a continuation of the apartheid system which non-Muslims are kept in ~ in these countries. But remember Salman Rushdie, most thought that was an isolated case of Muslim outrage [over Allah's 3 daughters] ~ no doubt Muslims will expect non-Muslims in Europe, to respect Islam, to such an extent that we loose our rights in relation to it ~ i.e above the law / above rights ~ that we should take on the dhimmi role ~ and acknowledge the supremacy of all things Islam ~ just as non-Muslims are forced to do in their countries today. [In English Saudi after school clubs ~ children are taught that non-Muslims should be made to walk around the Muslim ~ it may be deemed radical, but it is what Muhammad taught.]

Future generations

This is a case where we need to think about what is being set up for future generations. After the Inquisition  ~ how could we best explain our decision ~ to roll out another extremely oppressive religious system, one where those of future generations will have to join Islam ~ to be treated as an equal under the law. If Islam could be flushed out of the North African's mind, then it would not matter ~ but the fact is it is there ~ with a people who have been given almost nothing else besides Islam ~  and a people who see as rational Islam controlling Europe and the west. Its a religious ideology ~ so it cannot be reasoned with easily.

We can throw them a life-raft, but at the same time we cannot let them pull us under.

THE HAGUE, 01/03/11 - Within Europe, the Party for Freedom (PVV) sound can be heard increasingly frequently, and this will only become more so, according to party leader Geert Wilders. In a interview with website, he signals an "anti-Islam wave" that can no longer be stopped. "We have our own little revolution here."

Some critics of cabinet policy say that many envisaged measures the cabinet wants to take infringe EU legislation. But according to the PVV leader, this is nonsense. Additionally, many people in other European countries also want tougher measures against crime, immigration and Islamisation.

A party similar to the PVV has recently been set up in Germany: The Freedom Party of Rene Stadtkewitz. In the UK as well, Wilders sees opportunities for a party to be set up like the PVV to fill the gap between the British National Party, which is according to Wilders racist, and the conservatives.

"The times in which the CDA (Christian democrats) and the CDU (German Christian democrats) could ignore problems are definitely over," declares Wilders. ""It is no flash-in-the-pan comet or the like. The genie is out of the bottle and it will never go back in. Never more."

Wilders wants the Netherlands to "keep the gates closed" to refugees from Libya and other Arab countries in crisis. According to the PVV leader, Western Europe cannot cope with a big flood of refugees. They must be taken in in Africa. "Even if it had been non-Islamic countries, we would not have been able to cope with these masses," he added.


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