Friday, February 4, 2011

Reporter shot dead as Egypt's raucous continues - Photos

I thought when Iran had its protests ~ that it would not be long that we see the rest of the Islamic world go ~ as Iran goes Islam goes. [after Iran had its Islamic Revolution ~ not to be outdone the Saudis implemented the same kind of restrictions in Arabia - for ex. the black dress for women and strict separations of the sexes in schools came only after the Iranian Revo-Islamism.] But the problem with this idea is that Iran already has stoning, amputations and laws for death for apostasy. Many Iranians were protesting against some of the Islamic strictures ~ on the streets we saw blatant examples of freedom ~ also there is a growing disillusionment ~ that this Islam doesn't hold all the answers as promised. No doubt in large part across the region this uprising is about food on the plate and money in the pocket.

Intervention might be needed.

Now is not the time to play up the religion in any way ~ the air needs to be let out of that balloon ~ popped if necessary ~ the type of intervention they need is for someone to go in there and talk about what could be accomplished in a 'free' society [like twitter, Facebook & Microsoft / the motorcar / flight] ~ but that to have this freedom you can't control the other guy's life.

It is sad ~ the pyramid builders have been reduced to worshippers of an Arabian stone.

It could get out of hand ~ and we might not be able to go and see the pyramids.

What does being Egyptian mean - perhaps time to throw off Arabian colonization.

Praying for change ~ as in more rights and freedoms or more Islam?

Egypt's Islamization - 50 years ago virtually no one wore a headscarf.

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