Saturday, February 26, 2011

Putin reminds west how help in the past in the Islamic world has backfired - Video

Truth is with the Islamic world ~ you are damned if you do and damned if you don't!

Democracy without freedom doesn't make much sense ~ like in Afghanistan choosing marital rape, through the parliamentary process. Similarly the Iranian parliament voted overwhelmingly for the death sentence for apostasy [2008]. They simply drag the Shari'a legal system into the parliamentary one!

They are going to put a horse in front of the car ~ no matter we say.

Or perhaps what we need is ~ more faith!

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned Western countries against attempts of meddling in the Arab world to try to impose democracy.

Speaking after talks with the EU leadership, he said that previous efforts along those lines had led to victories for governments the West is now fighting to contain.

“Today, we say we're concerned about things happening in Libya. But the North African cell of Al-Qaeda is also concerned about what is happening in Libya. Do you think this is a coincidence?” the Russian PM asked.

“I would like to go back in history a little bit. The former leader of the Iranian revolution – where did he live?! He lived in Paris and as a whole he was supported by the Western community. Now the entire Western community fights against the Iranian nuclear program,” Putin pointed out.
“I remember just recently our partners were very active in supporting democratic elections in the Palestinian autonomy. And Hamas won. And immediately they declared Hamas a terrorist organization and started fighting against it. We need to give people a chance to determine their future themselves. We need to give them an opportunity to take a natural way without any foreign interference to build their future,” he concluded.

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