Saturday, February 5, 2011

Multiculturalism is dead - An end to passive tolerance - PM Cameron

We are all Dorothy today! The wicked witch of multiculturalism is dead!

“Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights, regardless of race, sex or sexuality. [A genuinely liberal country] says to its citizens: This is what defines us as a society.”

Notice he says Islam is a religion 'observed peacefully by over 1 billion people' ~ not Islam is a religion of peace!!

First he never says Islam is a religion of peace ~ and then he says that Islamism ~ is a political force and Islam are different ~ which directly contradicts what almost every Muslims says about their own religion and that is it is encompasses all of life, political [which is why they don't have rights and freedoms in the Islamic world], legal - in the form of the Sharia, and one area which they don't admit easily to outsiders ~ is that Islam also includes military ~ as that would include Islamism ~ in the way Islam was first established ~ 100's of millions were killed through jihadism or Islamism ~ in mostly unprovoked attacks to carry the religious ideology to India and North Africa, up as far as Spain.

That we can accept, that many  people practise the religion peacefully ~ doesn't though exclude the violence of the ideology. It is normal for people to revert back to their natural state of reasoning. And that is what makes Islam inherently unstable ~ people going back to normal relations with their neighbors, for ex ~ versus  the fundamentalists element ~ who would remain them of what they ought to be doing as Muslims ~ and that is taking more territory for Islam, ensuring Islam is practised correctly and asserting dominance over your non-Muslim neighbor. Like in Pakistan and Egypt people get along for a while ~ then the radicals remind people ~ sometimes through violence that these non-Muslims or apostates or independent thinkers ~ should not be awarded the same level of respect. The problem is that the radicals are more in line with what Muhammad instructed, than the moderates.


'At stake is not just lives~  it is our way of life'. 'Passive tolerance' ~ or as some would say there is not two ways about this tolerance. Or better tolerating the intolerable. So long as there is not an explosion or a plot to carry out one ~ we should ignore everything else ~ we should ignore attempts to make fundamental changes to our society. And where do the people who wish to make these changes stem from ~ from places like Pakistan... none of which are not examples we wish to follow. Christians, Hindus and others hold less rights under the law, are barred from serving in the military, becoming president and in some areas Hindus are forced to wear a red patch to demonstrate to neighbors that they are not Muslims.

The argument has been that if Muslims are nice / or law abiding that we should allow their religious law ~ on the grounds that [by their example] religious law could be implemented responsibly.

The idea of multiculturalism was like that of communism ~ where all cultures were supposed to be equal ~ but what those planning these societies did not predict ~ was the competition of cultures. After the bombings, Muslims leaders had the government's ear. In one undercover mosque filming ~ one leader said ~ now, at least they will hear us. The 'protection' of Islam/Muslims ~ at all costs ~ first started with fear of the repercussions for offending Islam ~ especially after the Danish cartoons. Then the protection of Islam/Muslims became almost a state religion ~ and in its dogmatism became a kind of theocracy. Example, a foster carer, who looked children for years without a problem ~ doing a great service ~ was struck off the register after one 16-17 year old girl converted to Christianity in her care ~ even after she had informed the child's social worker and had repeatedly offered the child alternatives ~ she insisted on going to church with the women. Upholding freedom of religion ~ was placed under offending Islam. Her livelihood was destroyed, teachers livelihoods have been destroyed, in one case, where the kids were saying they wanted to be Taliban or suicide bomber/martyr when they grew up and don't touch me you are a dirty Christian in a British classroom ~ lost his job under accusations of being a racist. In another, a headteacher lost her job also accused of being a racist, when new Muslim school board members [one convert] insisted among other changes that teachers dress modestly ~ with arms covered ~ while in school or during some sort of prayer session ~ in a state school. The local school authority said that they were more afraid of the state's racist commission. Examples in other parts of Europe, Spain a boy was offended when his teacher remarked that the cool dry weather was perfect for curing hams. And told his teacher not to talk about pork around him ~ but when the teacher returned the comment by telling the boy that it was better to go back across the Med. the teacher was questioned by the police. [Video]

With this 'protection' Muslims sought to impose their whole way of life on the rest of society ~ through the avenue of multiculturalism. By saying multiculturalism is dead ~ is closing that route.

Previously in Europe the aim was to alter the whole society ~ around Islamic sentiment ~ now the message is Muslims who want to live in Europe need to toe the line. One of our mistakes has been to look at Muslims from a European point of view ~ meaning we look only at the Muslim in Europe and not from the perspective of people with a history from their countries of origin. These are countries, largely where people don't support individual freedoms or religious rights. So that we must look at Muslims as coming from a background of intolerance and from here we can put in place an education program to demonstrate to Muslims the value of the free society. It is clear they don't completely understand freedom. [It seems to be like another language, which we assume they will learn.] Ideas such as women's rights ~ are got in the way of by cultural ideology ~ imported from the old country. With information ~ women/girls can make better choices ~ although not everyone will choose freedom ~ at least they understand it.

Because one of the requirements of Islamic society is that everyone follow its rules ~ we are going to have to actively dismantle ~ some of the more troubling aspects of Islam ~ or for those Muslims who wish to support these practises ~ we should encourage them to keep them private.

Freedom has brought western society a dynamism, along with an inventiveness ~ that we simply don't see in the religiously controlled Islamic world.

The ideal would be to get Muslims to give up the idea of Islamic dominance ~ it would make things easier if they would drop the idea of advocating for shari'a and see Islam's place only in a religious context ~ but until this ideal presents itself ~ we must put in place counter measures to deal with this Islamic insurgency ~ on our way of life.

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