Saturday, February 26, 2011

More pics, Egyptian military take on monks and monastery - Video

The Coptic preachers can be heard praying, and in an earlier reports the Muslim soldiers were shouting Allah Akbar, Victory, Victory while they were smashing down the monastery wall.

On one side ~ its all, Europe's policy on integration of Muslims have failed and they need to do more ~ on the other side, look at how Muslims are acting in support of Islam in their own countries. Some might argue that the more Europe needs to do ~ is to close the door.

Because when Muslims become the majority or of a significant portion of any society ~ they seek to subjugate others. Likely individuals would not make these decisions ~ but collectively they do. People instinctively know that they can behave better ~ but the Koran gives them permission act against their better judgement. And here lies the trouble.

It is clear that problems with Muslim integration ~ don't go away.

Particularly where integration is in competition with Islamic supremacist ideas.

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