Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interview with ABC Mubarak: I Want to GO - Video

If ElBaradei can be wedged in as President ~ then I think Egypt will get some of the change it deserves ~ if it is the Muslim Bros ~ those in Egypt who want beheading, amputations and death for leaving Islam will likely get their way.

This is why you are left with almost no option but to support the greedy dictator in the Islamic world ~ the main opposition wants a kind of Taliban state. Backing this is the belief that any normalcy under a free and democratic system is impossible [or ungodly/ forbidden]. As most Islamic regional governments claiming to offer such western things are often corrupt. Then tie to that to the 'western puppet regime', 'the crusade' ideas and so on... and it boils to Islam is the answer ~ for everything.

The problem with this fictious reality ~ like the Cairo Dec. of Human Rights reason for being ~ is to place Islam over humanity, and far above the individual right and individual freedom [you may have these things but with a lot of study] ~ and what gets everybody ~ is that Muslims think they are cleverer when they are doing this ~ here is their logic ~ Islam encompasses all of life ~ and I happily give up my religious freedoms ~ to the Islamic state or just the state. So technically, Islam can be used in all areas of society ~ to control freedom of the press, to give the police more powers, to stop you from leaving the state religion, or imprison you for openly having a girlfriend ~ basically the Sharia-gri La ideology, means Muslims give the state licence to abuse them.

Islam's grandiose delusion!

We have been told by some ~ [Egyptian] scholars, that Europe would do well to learn from Islam's example and especially places like Egypt ~ and that western democracy needs Shari'a - it would be hard to back these arrogant arguments up today, if they ever really had weight at all.

~ Egypt's Shari'a disaster unfolds.

It its okay to hope for a freer Egypt ~ but Egyptians have to want it.

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