Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indonesian Muslims stone and hack to death minority Muslim group - Video

Raw footage ~ Russians [RT].

Indonesia's president ordered an investigation into an attack on members of a minority Muslim sect after a gruesome video emerged of a mob beating several victims to death with machetes, sticks and rocks. About 1,500 people stormed a house in Banten province over the weekend to stop 20 Ahmadiyah followers from worshipping. They killed three men and badly wounded six others, while destroying the house and setting fire to several cars and motorbikes. Human Rights Watch say that they obtained the video on Sunday night and distributed it to local and international media outlets in Jakarta on Monday. Indonesia is a secular country of 237 million people with more Muslims than any other in the world. Despite a long history of religious tolerance, a hard-line fringe has grown louder in recent years and the government - which relies on the support of Islamic parties in Parliament - has been accused of caving in to it. [RT]

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