Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Geert Wilders: Opening Trial Speech: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe - Video

The first one to speak out against something will always get it the worst. It has become Orwellian ~ it is a witch hunt. Its aim is to determine intent. To measure free speech against intent. As with all good witch hunts the reasons always seem justified ~ it seeks to determine the individual's reason for criticism of the Islamic ideology. To determine whether your individual expression of dislike for ~ the 'noble' religion of Islam that chops off hands ~ is hateful.

The confusion is in what you are being accused of hating ~ the hand chopping ideology ~ or those who follow it.

The quickest way to solve this would be to introduce Shari'a law. But then you would have to abolish freedom of expression ~ as the law gives one the right to express themselves ~ about any ideology. And then we would have to abolish freedom of religion ~ as Islamic law trumps, there can be no more religious freedom. To say that you do not like a religion ~ as a way of renouncing it or not joining it or expressing some displeasure of aspects of its religious practise ~ would have to be precariously balanced with the new Shari'a law ~ but would leave us beggars in our own court.

This is a serious game. And future generations in Europe don't deserve what the Islamic world has become.

There was some reason Islam was never able to take Europe ~ call it God, the Great Spirit or whatever .... it was never meant to be taken!

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