Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dutch Seek Jordan's Clarification of Wilders Position for Separate Jordanian Blasphemy Trial

After all this time Muslims still live in fear of questioning the rights and wrongs of Muhammad. A trial today ~ a sword yesterday ~ indeed still the sword in some places. And to assume that the world will see the sense in it ~ is their delusion.

THE HAGUE, 09/02/11 - Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal, in a meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan, has requested clarification on the court case that hangs over Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders' head in that country.

A court case against the PVV leader for incitement to hatred and insulting the prophet Mohammed in his short anti-Islam film Fitna has already been underway for months in Jordan. The case was brought by radical Muslims.

Wilders had asked the minister before his visit to Jordan to ask the Jordanian regime to definitively halt the "idiotic court case." After the meeting in the palace in the capital of Amman, Rosenthal declined to disclose how the king responded. He will however tell Wilders shortly what was exchanged at the meeting.

Rosenthal also discussed with the king the position of the PVV, which 'tolerates' the minority cabinet of VVD and Christian democrats (CDA). The king was told that the PVV does not support the cabinet's foreign policy. "I did not need to tell the king much, because he was already perfectly well-informed."

The minister also discussed the peace process in the Middle East and the role of the European Union in this with Abdullah II.


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