Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The criminal truth - Pat Condell on Islam - Video

President of the Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard, was acquitted of racist statements in the Court of Frederiksberg today. January 31, 2011

In the meantime, Lars continues to discuss the threats to freedom of speech that exist in Europe and why we must protect it. IFPS

Statement by Lars Hedegaard on his acquittal

As my ancient forefathers, the vikings, would have said: It is always good to fight. It is better to win.

My detractors – the foes of free speech and the enablers of an Islamic ascendancy in the West – will claim that I was acquitted on a technicality, namely that the judge in the Court of Frederiksberg resolved that my supposedly offensive comments on the violations against little Muslim girls were not intended for public dissemination.

That is absolutely true. The judge chose the way out provided by my capable counsel.

However, the public prosecutor has been privy to the circumstances surrounding my case for a year – and yet he chose to prosecute me. Obviously in the hope that he could secure a conviction given the Islamophile sentiment among our ruling classes.

My acquittal is therefore a major victory for free speech.

I have no doubt that the massive support I have received from freedom fighters around the world has been instrumental in securing my acquittal.

This outcome will encourage people all over the West and beyond to speak up.

The battle for freedom is far from lost.


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