Sunday, February 20, 2011

Religiosity and the failed Islamic state ~ take pause, what the west could be doing better: 200 Dead in Libya As Protests Spread - Video

If you look at Islamic media like Al-Jazeera, criticism of Islamic governments is not high on the agenda ~ it seems that the only rigorous debate is about ~ Israel and America ~ because media censorship is so extreme in the Islamic world and everyone is running scared. But issues to do with America and Israel are not within the average Muslims control ~ as local politics should be ~ yet these are the only things they are really allowed to criticize out loud. This is a good lesson for Muslims ~ but I don't think they are going to get it ~ while they are diverted with Zionism and tales of the Crusaders that passed their way 1000 years ago ~ their leaders are stashing the cash.

It's over

Islam as Muslims dream of it is over. Probably in a few years Saudi nationals will be out in the streets protesting over the lack of bread and extreme religious and other controls ~ because we in the west are going to go on to electric vehicles. Once we can get a battery that can go 500 miles on a single charge ~ which the US's energy secretary already thinks is possible ~ why would anyone want to spend their good money on Mid East oil.

Algeria is building a 1.2 billion$$ mosque, as a monument to Islam's [past] greatness [or present insecurity] ~ and it is for the most part, the same story everywhere with Muslims ~ all these incredible sized mosques are being built with the oil money ~ as if it will continue to flow forever. But imagine if they spent that money on university campuses and schools. Though the problem is that the illusion of Islam is so great, it does not matter what they do ~ it is like giving a man some money [for his betterment] and he uses it to buy another wife ~ because even in these schools ~ they would just teach Islam.

Not long ago the kids were confused in Algeria ~ because they had been taught this Islamic maths ~ and the government changed and introduced modern maths.

Islamic populations

If you listen to the average Muslim ~ they are always bragging about their numbers ~ in Turkey the population has quadrupled since 1945, in Egypt is is the same story, but how will you feed all these children?

But what about ~ our way

Muslims are determined to do things ~ some Islamic way [or other] ~ but what we should be thinking about more ~ is what we need to be doing in the west. We found ourselves dependant on a fuel from a region which is unstable and its people hostile to our way of life. The idea of bringing someone along is okay ~ when they want to come. Western society is lagging behind where it should be, because of the energy costs. We are almost being made stagnant by it. The cost of production is up, the cost of transport is up ~ and with this malaise we have Muslims moving in demanding ~ literally theocratic dictatorship ~ they are able to say ~ western society isn't all that ~ while still immigrating ~ and bringing 'all' their relatives. As annoying /troubling as this is ~ we have to look at it also as ~ we are not doing what we should be doing ~ our societies are not a vibrant as they should be ~ it is hard to believe that we can have microchips ~ the size of atoms and that can be connected to nerve cells, but the energy technology has stayed virtually the same for almost 100 years. When it comes to energy we are like the Islamic nations ~ in that there is a cap of freedom. You can see water cars on youtube.

What made England great, and affect the world ~ was not the accumulated wealth of some gentry, it was the industrial revolution. These inventions transformed the way we did things, the way the world did things. In freedom, those in the US created the light bulb, what can we do without light bulbs, the airplane, TV, the motor car... To make these work and to move on, we need an energy revolution.

What is of real value is what we can create, not the money that results from that creation. Bill Gates made several billion, but we almost all surf the web through his Windows.

What we need is energy on tap. From here ~ heavens knows ~ but it is our world!!

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DP111 said...

You are quite right.

Through the enterprise of Western technology and science, the oil in Arabia became the only source of revenue for these pople. Before oil, Saudi Arabia was the poorest and most backward state in the region. Apart from the buildings and more mosques, not much has changed.

Instead of using the unearned money to some good, the Saudis have gone on a mosque building spree as if this would grant them financial security once oil runs out.

What will happen, is all the mosques built in the West will become white elephants. The users will be unable to pay the taxes on it. The result will be that they will beg us that they be granted immunity from taxation. Not a chance. It might have just been possible a few years back, but now, no chance. In the West, the taxman always wins. The mosques will be knocked down, and the land auctioned.

Meanwhile the Muslim population grows leaps and bounds, and accustomed as they are to opulence without work and innovation, strife will turn to revolution and massacres.

So the oil in Arabia, instead of being a blessing will become a curse.