Tuesday, January 25, 2011

University of Minnesota to create Islamic law think tank, in law school’s Human Rights Center: For a post-Shari'a future?

Possibly an indoctrination program ~ it is to be directed by associate professor Abdulwahid Qalinle. For most Muslims the objective of Islamic law is because it is 'God's law', is unchanging and non-negotiable. So much so that even the average ~ moderate Muslim accepts that its tenets should be placed above human rights. Much of the focus or 'controversy', would be placed on religious freedoms, the right to leave Islam, and women's rights ~ the Islamic belief in the custodial ownership of women ~ throughout their lives ~ though one of the things which needs to be discussed is the Islamic dhimmi laws, a religious apartheid system which gives Muslims citizens across the Islamic world more rights than all others ~ that Muslims find this normal and even acceptable in today's world is most shocking [based on the fundamental belief that all are ignorant and not fully a intellectually capable outside of Islam and therefore must be cared for/ or protected, and should never be granted full citizenship or equal rights]. Furthermore these beliefs extend outside of the Islamic world ~ with equal rights and equal protection under the law ~ Muslims in the west seem to want more ~ but anything beyond equal rights, is a request for special privilege or priority under the law ~ or supremacy.

The aim of the program, as it is being directed by a Muslim [one assumes by the name] may be to make these human rights violations more palatable. The question is how much 'thinking' will the be allowed to do?

Perhaps it would be better to analyse a post-Shari'a Muslim world ~ in order to help Muslim nations/ people construct a way out of this Islamic delusion.

Muslim salvation sadly seems to lie in non-Muslim and western subjugation. Koran 9:29

A new University of Minnesota think tank focused on Islamic law is set to launch through the Law School on Feb. 4.

The Islamic Law and Human Rights Program will focus on topics and controversies involving Islamic law, human rights, terrorism and the Muslim world. It will incorporate publications, research, field work and public seminars in its public outreach.

The new program will focus on current issues and debates surrounding human rights and Islamic law and will encourage and facilitate new approaches to research and real-world application. It will engage students through teaching, publications, fellowships, internships, applied research, field work, conferences and other special events on current human rights and Islamic law issues.

IHRP will function as a think-tank for issues related to Islamic law, human rights, the rule of law and terrorism in the Muslim world. Through the Human Rights Center, students will have access to advice and resources involving diverse constituencies, including students and human rights workers in organizations in the United States and around the Middle East and the Muslim world. [UM]

The program will be housed in the Law School’s Human Rights Center in Mondale Hall and is to be directed by adjunct associate professor Abdulwahid Qalinle.

The Feb. 4 kick-off event will include remarks by Qalinle, Law School Dean David Wippman, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., Human Rights Center Co-Director David Weissbrodt and Judge LaJune Lange, among others.

Meredith McQuaid, the dean of the Office of International Programs, will officially inaugurate the program as the speakers finish.

Opening ceremonies will be held at 3 p.m. in Room 25 of Mondale Hall.


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AC01 said...

what about these in the bible:
1-Kill People Who Don't Listen to Priests (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)
2-Kill Witches (Exodus 22:17 NAB)
3-Kill Homosexuals(Leviticus 20:13 NAB)
4-Kill Fortunetellers(Leviticus 20:27 NAB)
5-Death for Hitting Dad(Exodus 21:15 NAB)
6-Death for Cursing Parents (Leviticus 20:9 NLT) and (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)
7-Death for Adultery(Leviticus 20:10 NLT)
8-Death for Fornication(Leviticus 21:9 NAB)
9-Death to Followers of Other Religions(2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)
10-Kill False Prophets(Zechariah 13:3 NAB)
11-Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God(Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)
12-Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night(Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)
13-Kill Followers of Other Religions.(Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB)
14-Infidels and Gays Should Die(Romans 1:24-32 NLT)
15-Kill People for Working on the Sabbath(Exodus 31:12-15 NLT)
16-Kill Anyone who Approaches the Tabernacle(Numbers 1:48-51 NLT)
17-Kill Brats (2 Kings 2:23-24 NAB)
18-God Kills the Curious(1Samuel 6:19-20 ASV)
19- Kill Sons of Sinners(Isaiah 14:21 NAB)
20-Kill Men, Women, and Children(Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT)