Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UAE calls for action against Islamophobia

Do Muslims want the west to accept Islamic intolerance against others?

"Recent Western calls to protect Christians in the East is a natural outcome of Islamophobia triggered by misunderstanding and mistrust of the tolerance of Islam and its respect of religious freedom and human dignity," Al Ghurair said.

The usual nonsensical comments from those in the most intolerant non-free parts of the world ~ Pakistan's President, the former unworthy advocate for action against Islamophobia in the west ~ nevermind the cesspool of tolerance that is his country ~ exposed as a fraud ~ after Christian woman carries bucket of water for Muslim women who refused to drink, because as a Christian, she is deemed unclean/dirty, now faces hanging, with more than half his country yelling for her death ~ understandably ~ it would only be right for someone else to take up the Islamophobia in the west reins ~ enter UAE ~ the new justification ~ is that to suggest Christians need protection in the Islamic world ~ because they are being bombed and shot at ~ is an indication of the growing Islamophobia. But who called for Christian protection ~ the Pope? They are suggesting that the Pope and others call for fairer and more humane treatment for non-Muslims ~ is an indication of Christian intolerance !!

There seems to be something about Islamic society or psychology ~ where something is said, even though it has little or no basis in reality ~ because it is put forward in an emotional way ~ everyone has to go along with it. It could be that the males are never allowed to be challenged... and normal proof is not required, it must be believed because he said it ...society.

The reality is the Christians /non-Muslims who are fleeing all part of the Muslim Middle East, from Yemen to Iraq, it is an exodus in some parts ~ but according to this statement ~ the western world is at fault for not understanding Islam's tolerance.

Then perhaps that's the problem ~ perhaps it is that westerners and Muslims have a very different view of what constitutes tolerance. For example, it has already been established that Islam's idea of peace ~ is when all people finally follow Islam, the realm of peace is to be established through conquest. Dar al Harb vs. Dar al Islam ~ Dar al Harb meaning war or unconquered realm. As with peace ~ Islamic tolerance ~ must also have some stumbling blocks or rather hurdles. For Jesus it is simple, love thy neighbor as thyself, but for Islam, it is subjugate they neighbour make him pay the jizya/Islamic tax [who must pay with willing submission] until he feels himself subdued. A mouthful! Clearly we are at odds with what is deemed tolerance.

So Christians don't have as much rights as fellow Muslims ~ but because Muhammad wanted it ~ for Muslims it has to be tolerant. Anyone who suggests otherwise ~ naturally is seen not having respect for Islam ~ as the non-Muslim west is being told ~ you are Islamophobic for pointing out non-Muslim injustice and inequalities, and for a Muslim to believe the same ~ as with the Pakistani governor ~ they off him [or threaten to ~ until he backs down].

That's Islamic tolerance folks!!

Abu Dhabi: The UAE urged member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to take action to stop the spread of Islamophobia in the West, a parliamentary leader said yesterday.

Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Ghurair, Speaker of the Federal National Council, said concerted efforts were necessary to stop Islamophobia, that impaired Muslim-West relations.

The call came as Al Ghurair, also chairman of the Islamic Inter-parliamentary Union of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), opened the 13th meeting of the union in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

"Recent Western calls to protect Christians in the East is a natural outcome of Islamophobia triggered by misunderstanding and mistrust of the tolerance of Islam and its respect of religious freedom and human dignity," Al Ghurair said.

Al Ghurair called for building a broad coalition from all faiths in the fight against Islamophobia and urged parliamentary leaders from 51 Muslim countries to be effective in inter faith dialogue, especially the New York-based Alliance of Civilisation under the auspices of the United Nations.

The alliance, established in 2005, at the initiative of Spain and Turkey, works in partnership with states, international and regional organisations, civil society groups, foundations, and the private sector to mobilise efforts that promote cross-cultural relations among diverse nations and communities.

Stressing that actions speak louder than words, Al Ghurair said the executive committee has formulated a five-year action plan to address political, economic, social and cultural challenges of the Islamic world and relations with other faiths.

Iran has vowed to boycott the meeting of Islamic parliamentary leaders over a proposal by the UAE to create a committee to resolve disputes between Muslim nations.

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