Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turkish-Islamic Union: Erodogan: "Our Muslim Visa-Free Neighborhood is No Alternative to the EU"

Turkey's big plans!

Turkey’s moves to create a visa-free zone in its neighborhood aren’t meant as an alternative to its European Union membership bid, said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday. Speaking to reporters en route from Kuwait to Qatar, both of which he is visiting this week, Erdogan commented on how Turkey and Yemen mutually lifted visa requirements during President Abdullah Gul’s visit there yesterday, and how a similar move with Kuwait is being considered. "I don’t see this as an alternative to the EU," Erdogan said. "The main aspect of the issue is economic, but of course it also has a political aspect in terms of solidarity. We should show the courage to take joint steps." After lifting visa entry requirements for nationals of Jordan, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, Ankara has expressed willingness to extend this free trade and visa-free zone to other countries. Last year Turkey and Syria, Jordan and Lebanon agreed set up a council to create "a zone of free movement of goods and persons" between them and urged others to join. While doing so, Turkish leaders stressed that this should not be seen as an alternative to the EU, while also telling the EU that it cannot and should not restrict Turkey’s relations with its neighbors. /Today’s Zaman/

First of all the Turkish should have done this before. Muslim citizens can move from one country to another ~ all of which have some degree of Islamic law. Erdogan has expressed a desire to re-establish the Ottoman Empire ~ and undoubtedly, there are some in these countries who are wary of the Turkish gesture ~ [their former colonial masters]. But as a bridge to the west it may not be. And presently it cannot be. You offer visa free travel for all these people ~ who can then travel to Europe. It is clear Turkey's aims and the EU aims are completely different ~ they want more Islam ~ we want to maintain individual freedoms ~ in addition Turkey's expansionist aims ~ will only create problems for the EU. Though unhindered Erdogan can turn Taksim [financial center of Istanbul] into Medina. And possibly restore the Caliphate ~ putting himself up for the candidacy. Oh, the adulation!

There are three major players vying for control in the Islamic world ~ Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This might result in a competition to see who can be the most Islamic!

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