Monday, January 3, 2011

'Tie EU aid to rights for Christians' - Aid should be 'cut or eliminated' Italy FM says after Alexandria blast

The Italian FM is not the first to talk of making aid to Muslim nations ~ in particular conditional on the treatment of Christians.

A good example, was the aid the Pakistan received during its internal refugee crisis ~ although western nations gave 100's $$millions ~ the Christians in the country receive none of this ~ they were not allowed in the camps ~ as they were told, they and their food were unclean.

It is clear that a part of respect for Islam includes acceptance of the dhimmi laws ~ that a part of respecting Islam is the acceptance that Christians and others don't have as much rights as the Muslim citizen. For the Muslim world it is clear they believe that to respect Islam is to also respect this disparity in rights ~ not only between men and women ~ but also between Muslim and non-Muslim.

Muslim will argue that because God commended it ~ that the limited rights awarded to Christians and other ~ is fair treatment. [Obviously God doesn't want this for Muslims living in the west.]

There has also been talk of Christian nations ~ coming together to advocate for Christian rights around the world.

In Egypt there are forced conversions ~ by the state, forced marriages ~ through kidnap, attacks and killings to maintaining Muslim law ~ at street level. They must take collective pleasure in saying ~ we have one more Muslim and one less Christian ~ by any means.

(ANSA) - Rome, January 3 - European Union aid should be tied to respect for human rights in countries where Christian minorities are under attack, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said Monday after a New Year's Day church bombing in the Egyptian city of Alexandria that killed 21 Coptic Christians.

EU aid "should be reduced if not eliminated" for "those countries that do not collaborate" in protecting Christians, Frattini said.

"We have to move from monitoring to action," said the foreign minister, stressing that Italy could not remain "isolated" in the battle for Christians' rights around the world.

The EU "should work with those countries that collaborate and encourage them," he said.

Italy has been saying for months that more should be done to help embattled Christian communities around the world.

On December 22 Frattini blasted the European Union for not doing more to combat Christian persecutions in Iraq and other Middle Eastern Countries.

He said United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also worried about the plight of Middle Eastern Christians, who are leaving the region in increasing numbers, especially from Iraq, where they have been the victims of a series of bomb attacks.

''Frankly, it is a little sad that Europe isn't reacting on this issue as it should'', he said.

Italy is set to present a resolution to the United Nations on religious freedom which aims to stop this persecution and it has the backing of the EU, while several non-EU countries have expressed ''great interest''.

Pope Benedict XVI, who condemned the New Year's Day attack in Alexandria as a "cowardly attack against God," has said Christians are the religious group that suffer most persecution around the world.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria are among the other countries where there have been anti-Christian campaigns and attacks. More than 80 people were killed in bombings in the central Nigerian city of Jos on Christmas Eve, sparking clashes between Muslim and Christian youths.

Ethnic and religious violence in central Nigeria has left hundreds of people dead this year.

photo: woman outside Alexandria church on New Year's Day

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