Sunday, January 16, 2011

Northern Sudan: Is The West Creating A New Arab Islamic State?

Sudanese woman whipped by policemen for wearing trousers.

How do you say bah humbug in Arabic?

Whatever Muslims do to make things more Islamic ~ the result will be no different ~ it is the very definition of madness.

[...] A crucial factor will be the controversial Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir who has been in power for 21 years and has been indicted for war crimes by the International Court of Justice. Bashir rejects warrants issued by this court on the grounds that his country has not signed the UN protocols in the establishment of this court. The African Union also defies this court by not recognising its warrants of arrests on Bashir and he roams most African countries freely. Western nations in their desire to create south Sudan as an African country with a Christian majority as opposed to an Arab-Muslim country ruled by Bashir may unwittingly be creating another strong Arab Islamic state.

Bashir on the eve of the referendum declared that if southern Sudan secedes, he will change the constitution and that Sharia Law and Islam will be the main sources for the constitution. Islam will be the official religion and Arabic the official language.

Some years ago I learned that Sudanese students were taught not regular maths ~ but Islamic maths ~ but it really has not added up to much at all. Zero or minus zero!

Arab wannabes and former Arab slaves ~ that's what the Arabians call the Northern Sudanese. [It must be said that there are many in the North who object to being called Arab]

Western commentators note that this declaration after international condemnation of a YouTube video of a woman being flogged by a laughing policeman has caused massive unease among Sudan’s minorities. Bashir is quoted saying that those calling for investigations into the incident had misunderstood Islam because Sharia Law has always stipulated that one must whip, cut or kill. [...]

Disturbing video of Sudanese woman being whipped for wearing trousers here:

When we think about Islamic brutality and injustice ~ we usually think about how it is used against non-Muslims or a subset of Muslims ~ we forget the first people to feel Islam's abuse are Muslims. Muslims who fight to protect it ~ despite its moral failings.

It would seem some in the world draw some comfort from 'The Guardian' delusion. A paper which places no limits on protecting the excesses and extremes of Islam.

Guardian commentator Simon Tidball has however argued that Bashir is no bogeyman. He had been demonised by the UN over Darfur, pre-judged by the International Criminal Court’s Chief prosecutor, ostracized by Western governments making him an easy target. ‘America always needs a bogeyman and Bashir fits the bill: Big, bothersome, bad tempered, black, Arab and Muslim, Tidball contends.

Bashir has caused the deaths of millions of his own people ~ what does one have to do the qualify as a bogeyman or the less desirable?

The Sunday Ledger - Sri Lanka

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emenacinc said...

I totally disagree with your thought against Muslims and Islam. who is the killer of 5,00000 Muslims in Iraq, ans 1,00000 in Afghanistan. Killers were all Christian and Jews.