Monday, January 10, 2011

Melanie Phillips ~ says Israeli not doing enough to get its message across - Video

I have thought for a long time that Israel should have had a western television station. Iran has one. One of the most un-free nations in the region presents itself as a hero ~ a champion of the Palestinian cause. When indeed the Palestinians in their own country are discriminated against. But this station attracts ~ British politicians, like former parliamentarian George Galloway and the former London Mayor Ken Livingston ~ as well as the recent convert to Islam the sister-in-law of the former PM Tony Blair [all staunchly and likely radial leftwing]. The Palestinian cause suits Iran in that the promise of Islam ~ has not entirely satisfied the nation [as we saw with the election and the many secret conversions], nor has it provided ~ as with the promise of the communist state ~ for the Islamic utopian vision. But it is an awfully good distraction from the failings of Islam.

Israel could make better use of the media ~ to get an alternative or their position across.

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