Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Helsinki Muslim-women-only pool session dropped

Another example of Muslim exclusivity imposed on western society ~ can you imagine having a Christian only pool session. Maybe it is that Muslims don't want to swim with other ~ because they think they are unclean. There was a Muslim-men-only swimming session at one London pool. A non-Muslim man and his son were turned away from their local pool. He was told in the end that he did not have the right type of trunks. Not long enough to meet Islamic standards. At another pool just outside London, which non-Muslim women could attend but had to wear Muslim women's swimming attire. Arms covered. But in the Netherlands ~ clued up to this kind of nonsense ~ told a group of Muslim women who requested that all men leave the pool when they swam in their burkinis [the all covering Muslim swimsuit], because the men could still see their wrists and ankles ~ to go and swim in Casablanca.

The City of Helsinki will stop reserving special hours for Muslim women to use the public pool in Jakomäki. In the future, the timeslot for Muslim ladies will be open to all women.

Other swimmers had criticised the practice, according to Teemu Raatikainen, who manages the pool.

Previously, the Jakomäki swimming hall blocked off Saturday mornings specifically for Muslim women. The women's session followed a swimming class for Muslim girls.

The Jakomäki pool reopened on Wednesday after being closed for renovation. From now on, the pool will be open to all women—and off-limits to men—on Tuesday evenings....


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